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The Ukrainian Centre is a setting of Letterkenny in Season 5. The official name of the establishment is unclear; the sign behind the bar reads Letterkenny Ukrainian Centre, but the sign outside the building calls it the Letterkenny Ukrainian Hall.

After MoDean's II burned down, Letterkenny was again left without a bar. Gail moved her operation to the Ukrainian Centre, and manages a watering hole there, assisted by Bonnie McMurray. The establishment had not been mentioned previously.

Exterior sign

The Hicks become regulars, frequently sitting in a row at the bar, with Dan reading the current issue of the town newspaper, the Letterkenny Banner. They appreciate its reasonable prices. The hockey players as well as Tyson and Joint Boy are also sighted there from time to time.

The Hicks at the bar

When Gail opened the third iteration of MoDean's, however, the crowd followed her there, and the Ukrainian Hall has not been mentioned since.

Behind the Scenes[]

There is a substantial population claiming Ukrainian ancestry in Canada, the third highest of any country in the world, after Russia and Ukraine itself. Ukrainian enclaves can be found in many parts of the country, particularly in the prairie provinces. Several waves of immigrants arrived, starting with agrarian workers encouraged to immigrate starting in 1891, and communities were also established in eastern Canada by the early 20th century.

The filming location of the Ukrainian Centre has not been established. The restaurant where MoDean's II had been filmed went out of business after Season 3, and so it was written out of the show, as with the original MoDean's, as having burned down.