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Tyson is a recurring character on Letterkenny, played by Jay Bertin.


Tyson can be see around town (Ain't No Reason to Get Excited) (Rave), but does not exchange words with anyone until he walks into MoDean's and demands to know who the toughest guy in town is (A Fuss in the Back Bush). Wayne rises and the two fight in the parking lot; Tyson sucker punches him, but Wayne recovers and defeats the "amateur MMA asshole" in the end (A Fuss at the Ag Hall). Tyson came to the farm afterwards seeking a rematch, to which Wayne reluctantly agrees, defeating him again (A Fuss at the Ag Hall).

After that, they have little interaction. He accompanies Jonesy, Reilly, and Joint Boy in proposing Wayne and Katy spend their inheritance on opening a mixed-martial arts studio in town where he and Joint Boy would coach. The hicks decline the proposal, however; Wayne finds it "a tad fruity-loops" (Uncle Eddie's Trust). Wayne does ask him to provide additional backup when the Hicks and hockey players head to the Rez in support of Tanis, and Tyson fights ably by their side (Way to a Man's Heart).

Tyson is a friend and workout partner of Joint Boy. They are seen wheeling women together at the grand opening of MoDean's II (MoDeans 2), and they frequently train at the gym together, skeptical of Reilly and Jonesy's advice (The Letterkenny Leave). Reilly and Jonesy do recruit them to join the Letterkenny Irish as enforcers; as he puts it, "I'm no stud, but I can sure as hell make some room out there for you boys (The Battle for Bonnie McMurray). He is given sweater #9 in honor of Gordie Howe (Bradley Is a Killer).