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The Haunting of MoDean's II is a Halloween holiday special released between Season 3 and Season 4 of Letterkenny.



Letterkenny The Haunting of MoDean's II Streaming October 20


Wayne and The Hicks help their old pal Gail get to the bottom of a strange brew happening at the local bar.

Cold Open[]

Well, Halloween isn't so bad. — Wayne

The Hicks discuss the upcoming Devil's Night at the produce stand. Dan says his cousin Samuel is very sorry for stealing a full-sized candy bar from his little sister, but Wayne will have none of it. Daryl calls out Wayne for "big league-ing" the town by handing out full-sized chocolate bars, and Wayne calls out Daryl for "backdooring" the kids by handing out quarter-sized chocolate bars. Daryl says he will backdoor the trick-or-treaters just like he backdoored Wayne. Katy calls for context.

Get your mind out of the gutter. — Wayne

Plot Summary[]

Gail invites the Hicks over to MoDean's early—an hour before she is even allowed to serve beer—to tell them that the place is haunted. She points to a growler of Uncle Eddie's pig hoof hops ale on the shelf, which he asked her to drink with him when they were in bed, shortly before he died, in his 90s. Daryl and Dan list various types of ghosts or other supernatural beings that might be responsible. Wayne and Katy are skeptical.

They are interrupted by a crash as Bonnie McMurray enters, dressed in a Catholic school girl uniform. Dan, Daryl, and Katy gawk at the costume; "what costume?" she asks. Wayne clarifies that she has baked angel food cupcakes for the Catholic school alumnae bake sale to support their upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua.

Daryl prepares to taste one of Gail's harvest rotating beers on tap. He gives a preamble on the flavour notes of "Woolwich Taffy Cone Harvest IPA from Wellesley, Ontario," and reports that it

Tastes like a tragedy occurred while making breakfast. — Daryl

Jonesy and Reilly are brought in as suspects, given that "there is a unique brand of tomfuckery at play." They say they have not pulled Devil's Night pranks since childhood, and additionally have alibis (or rather, "ablibis"). As demonstrated in a Powerpoint presentation, each had a Tinder hookup ("swipey snipey") from 3am to 6am, and then another from 6am to 9am. After Facetiming each other from bed, they realized that they had been "accidental tunnel buddies," having hooked up with each other's previous hookups.

Bonnie interrupts again, emerging in a revealing military uniform, which again is not a costume. Wayne clarifies that she and the other cadets have prepared their "hearty harvest chili" for the annual potluck supper for the amputee war vets in the cancer ward.

Daryl next tastes an "old style harvest pilsner from Kahnawake, Quebec," which he says

Tastes like an upset shaman's hoarded collection of spunky backwoods fruit. — Daryl

The group next interviews Tanis, accompanied by Axe and Slash. Wayne points out that her crew has a history of tomfuckery in town, but she is irritated by the implication, due to clichés about Indian burial grounds and hauntings from bad horror movies. Bonnie emerges in a Pocohantas costume, which sets Tanis off, but Wayne clarifies that she is dressed up to join a protest upcountry against cultural appropriation.

The building shifts, startling Gail, who insists that it is Uncle Eddie's ghost. Wayne makes a call.

Daryl reviews a Hellmich Premium Blonde Harvest Ale from Mitchell, Ontario; it

Tastes like wheat from the field of a stay-at-home defenseman. — Daryl

Glen, dressed as a Catholic priest; Stewart, wearing a spiritualist's turban; and Roald, dressed as himself, are seated at one of the bar tables surrounded by lit candles. They deny that they had anything to do with the prank. Stewart explains that they will have a seance; Uncle Eddie will enter Roald's body, and then Glen will exorcise his spirit and send him to hell. Wayne and Katy object that Uncle Eddie was a good guy; Glen points out that someone who comes back from the dead to have non-consensual sexual relations with a woman—and outside of wedlock—is not a good guy.

Stewart asks for five seconds of silence to summon the devil, but is interrupted by a fart, a burp, and a queef. They appear to succeed when Roald begins talking in a deep, otherworldly voice. Stewart asks Glen to exorcise Roald, but Glen admits he does not know how, and never thought it would come up. They spray Roald with holy water, and he chases them out of the building.

Bonnie enters again, in a revealing softball uniform, which Dan concludes must be a costume. In fact, she is on her way to the annual Jeff Davies Memorial baseball tournament to raise money for pit bull puppy mill rescue. The group reflects that Jeff was a good guy, and Dan that Bonnie's outfit "is not a regulation softball uniform."

The lights are out when McMurray and Mrs. McMurray enter. They are convinced it is a real ghost, having gone on guided tours on their various Caribbean vacations with "real ghost hunters." He claims to have a genuine SB-9 "ghost talkie" to be able to communicate with guests, but instead he has brought a baby monitor, and they overhear his farmhands talking about what a piece of shit McMurray is, and what they want to do with Mrs. McMurray.

Gail brings down the growler in the belief that drinking the hoof ale is the only way to please Uncle Eddie, and offers it to Daryl, who refuses to drink it, repeatedly. Under pressure from Wayne and Katy, he brings it to his lips, only to be stopped by Wayne. Wayne admits that he was the one who placed the beer there, knowing that Gail loved Halloween pranks.

The whole group is startled by a noise; it is Dan returning with his nephew Samuel. Samuel apologizes to Wayne for taking the full-size candy bar from his sister, and Wayne accepts the apology but says he will still not get a candy bar this year as punishment, which Samuel accepts. Samuel is dressed as his hero—Wayne. This softens Wayne's heart, and he picks up Samuel and tells him that he didn't say they couldn't share a candy bar. Samuel reads the label: Choco-coconut?

Coconut's fuckin' gross, asshole. — Samuel


  • Daryl: Woolwich Taffy Cone Harvest I.P.A. from Wellesley, Ontario. Boastful, yet reserved. Opinionated. Selective. Elmira maple syrup, Skinner Farms smoked bacon. [sips] Hmm, tastes like a tragedy occurred while making breakfast.
  • Jonesy: I haven't smashed a pumpkin on someone's doorstep since grade nine, boys.
    Reilly: I haven't stuffed an egg up a tailpipe since grade eight, boys.
    Jonesy: I haven't silly-stringed a car since grade seven.
    Reilly: I haven't TP'd a tree since grade six.
    Dan: Yeah, but do's youse have an ablibi?
    Jonesy: We definitely have ablibis.
    Reilly: I'm glad you asked about ablibi.
    Jonesy: We've prepared a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Gail: It's Uncle Eddie. He wants me to take him down again. Set his jar of pig hoof hops right there front and center.
    Wayne: No, it isn't. And no he doesn't. And no he didn't.
    Gail: What is it?
    Wayne: Literally, five hundred million things.
  • Dan: Uncle-llegedly
  • Dan: Christ, she could make a softball hard.

Callbacks and Running Gags[]

  • A good guy. A great guy. (Wingman Wayne)
  • Wayne and McMurray constantly interrupt each other
  • McMurray's a piece of shit (The Election)

Cultural References[]

  • Uncle Eddies pig hoof hops ale may be a reference to the Sourtoe Cocktail of the Downtown Hotel's Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City, Yukon Territory: a shot of whiskey served with a mummified human toe in it. But there are innumerable drinks made or served with "special ingredients" all around the world.
  • "Devil's Night" is a name for the night before Halloween, when children and teenagers perform pranks and vandalism in the neighborhood. This practie is not universal in the U.S. and it is known by many local names like "Mischief Night" or "Cabbage Night" (for the throwing of rotten produce). The name "Devil's Night" was popularized in Michigan because of arson and other far more serious vandalism on that night starting in the 1970s, a practice not brought under control until the 2010s (Metro Times).
  • Bonnie's support for amputee war vets is a reference to The War Amps, a Canadian charity founded after World War I to support amputees and other seriously disabled veterans, and whose mission is now extended to all Canadian amputees, including children.
  • Kahnawake is not the name of a town in Quebec, but of the Mohawk First Nations Reserve near Montreal where Kaniehtiio Horn (who portrays Tanis) was born.
  • The real Jeff Davie Memorial baseball tournament is an annual amateur baseball tournament in Ontario held since 2009 to raise money for the Jeff Davie Foundation. Jeff Davie, who died in 2008 at 24, was an avid promoter of sports, and his memorial foundation funds community events, athletic equipment, and scholarships, among other things.
  • The McMurrays appear to be enthusiasts of the television reality series Ghost Hunters, which ran from 2004 to 2016. The show featured two self-described ghost hunters who travel to various locations with electronic equipment which they believe is capable of detecting paranormal activity.


  • Jonesy and Reilly's "swipey snipey" profiles show their jersey numbers rather than their ages, and their affiliations as "School of Silky Silky Mitts" and "University of Dirty Dangles" respectively. Jonesy's states "Take the ride and you're getting right back in queue" and Reilly's states "There's a line around the block for this pop-up." Jonesy repeats both lines with slightly different wording in Way to a Man's Heart. "Abbey" avers "no hookups!" on her profile, but was apparently willing to make two exceptions.
  • Glen is wearing glasses, even though on Modeans 2, Gail explains that she had paid for Glen to get LASIK surgery after hiring him onto the waitstaff. The holiday specials do not necessarily take place in linear order, however, and in any case, in The Letterkenny Leave he indicates that the procedure "didn't take."
  • Stewart is dressed as a Spiritualist medium. Spiritualism, a popular religious movement in the 19th and early 20th century, held that the dead lived on in a "spirit world" and could be communicated with through the performance of a seance—but not that a seance would allow a spirit to re-enter the living world and possess a living person. Glen is dressed as a Catholic priest. While Catholic theology accepts the possibility of demonic possession and has rites for exorcism, as popularized by Hollywood in films like The Exorcist, Catholic theology does not believe it is possible for a human soul to possess another human's body, nor than a solemn exorcism can be performed by anyone who is not an ordained Catholic priest.


According to Tunefind, the following songs are featured in this episode:

  • Feel the Lightning by Dan Deacon (Bonnie's various costume changes)
  • Snowflake by Malachi (end credits)