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The Election is the second episode of Season 2 of Letterkenny.


The hicks, skids and hockey players participate in a Letterkenny election.

Cold Open[]

You're having some beers in the barn with your pals the other day… — Wayne

Wayne, Dan and Daryl discuss Wayne's agenda as the new Ag Hall president. The Hicks advise him to get publicity for "doin' a charitables" so that people say "he's a real good guy." Dan says any charitable act is wasted if it doesn't have your face on it; Wayne, angered, says he will have the dog take a shit in town so that they can snap a chat of Dan picking it up.

Choice work, Super Chief. There's your lipstick. — Wayne

Plot Summary[]

Reilly and Jonesy chirp from the bench, but Barts and Yorkie say they have not earned that right, which their old Coach confirms.

Hey! You think you can just walk into this league and start chirping? Know your role, pheasants! You had a cup of coffee. You're seat fillers at the ESPY's. You're Tiger's caddy now that nobody gives a shit! It's fucking embarrassing! — Coach

At the Ag Hall, Wayne speeds through the agenda and is about to adjourn the meeting when McMurray calls for a "proper election" between him and Wayne for president of the Ag Hall, voting to be in a week. Jim Dickens calls the vote and the board votes to approve the election, leaving McMurray and Mrs. McMurray overjoyed.

The Skids, led by Devon, dance in the dollar store parking lot; Bonnie McMurray waits outside because they have "crop-dusted" inside. Katy and Devon exchange words. McMurray and Mrs. McMurray approach Devon and commission a campaign video from him. He has no interest in the election, but agrees to it for his own reasons.

Hurting Wayne hurts Katy. Hurting Katy hurts Stewart. It can be done and it will be done! — Devon & Roald

Devon, dressed in a beret, scarf, and sunglasses, collects a group of people representing a wide variety of ethnicities to discuss the production of his video. Devon, addressing them as "Brown Guy," "Asian Woman," and so on, directs them to speak stereotypically. Glen arrives to represent the gay vote.

Stewart tries to sell Wayne on the idea of a video, but Wayne demurs. Stewart returns to Wayne a second time and shows him Devon's video, which features the actors sitting around a table disparaging Wayne as "just not ready" to be Ag Hall president. It has already earned 1001 views. Stewart is determined to beat Devon's view count.

I can beat Devon's view count. I give you my personal guarantee. And when I do, you won't have to sit through McMurray's pointless, purposeless, aimless, godless, motherless, meetings anymore! — Stewart

As a gesture of sincerity, he spits in his hand and offers it to Wayne, who assents but declines to shake.

Stewart, dressed in a beret, scarf, and sunglasses, has assembled the Hicks, for his video, plus Reilly and Jonesy for "the youth vote." The hockey players are not speaking to Katy because she cheated on them; she tricks them into admitting they had been receiving "blowies" from their big city slams the entire time, a move they deride as gutty.

Since all are crafty veterans of the "chirp / beak / carve" game, Stewart plans to let them improvise, but the group disappoints. Stewart switches strategies and tries to get them to channel their favourite actors, but the conversation drifts, and a frustrated Stewart storms off.

Election day comes and McMurray defeats Wayne for president, with Jim Dickens calling the vote seven to three. Wayne congratulates the McMurrays on the win, and Jim apologizes for not voting for Wayne, saying his video threw him off. Daryl plays the video from Stewart's YouTube page, which consists of various people calling McMurray "a piece of shit." All Wayne can say is "fuck a duck."

Reilly and Jonesy, in the showers, plan to chirp at their teammates. They mock Barts' pubic hair, but the effort backfires when Barts and Yorkie deride them as "cock lookers." The disagreement becomes physical.

All this time cock-looking could be better spent doing legs. — Barts

Stewart visits Wayne and points out that he only promised to beat Devon's view count. While he finds McMurray's meetings long, he figures that isn't a good enough reason to get into politics. Jim Dickens drives up to fulfill his pledge of helping with chores.


  • Katy: You don't know what work is.
    Devon: You sure do, entertaining two hockey players at the same time.
    Katy: Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.
  • McMurray: Are you the creator of Fartbook?
    Devon: I am the sole creator of Fartbook!
    Mrs. McMurray: Cocksucking love that Fartbook, that's all I know.
  • Jim: Sorry I couldn't vote for you, Wayne. Your video really threw me off. Thanks for cuttin' my lawn, though, I'll return the favour one day.
    Wayne: Good enough, Jim.
  • Barts: All this time spent cock-looking could be better spent doing legs.
    Yorkie: More legs, less cock-looking, schmelts.
    Reilly: I fuckin' skipped leg day, boys.
    Jonesy: Fuck leg day, boys.
  • Wayne: Jim Dickins, how're ya now?
    Jim Dickens: It's Dicks… nope, you got it right that time.

Running Gags[]

  • It's 2015 (no, it isn't)
  • Wayne doesn't wear a belt
  • What Glen appreciates about Wayne
  • Reilly and Jonesy hate leg day
  • Reilly and Jonesy hate bush


  • The "Asian woman" in McMurray's ad notes that the new president of the Ag Hall will be inheriting a lot of problems, "Letterkenny problems," a reference to the original Letterkenny Problems web shorts
  • The ESPYs (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) are awards for sports excellence presented by the U.S. broadcast network ABC, and previously the U.S. television network ESPN, as voted by fans.
  • At the time of this episode's release in 2016, American professional golfer Tiger Woods had been absent from competition due to injuries and subsequent medical treatment, and was no longer ranked in the top 1000 in the world, hence Coach's contempt for his caddy. Woods would later resume his career, winning his first major in 11 years in 2019.
  • Devon's "Just not ready" video is a beat-for-beat reference to an ad with the same format and theme, run by the Conservative Party of Canada during the 2015 federal elections and targeting Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party. Unlike Wayne, Trudeau prevailed in his election.
  • The "McMurray's a piece of shit" video Stewart creates for Wayne lampoons two advertising campaigns. Katy's appearance refers to the 2005 "I Love Paris" campaign by U.S. fast food burger chain Carl's Jr., in which a scantily clad Paris Hilton seductively washes a car and then eats a hamburger. The campaign was revived as the 2014 "I Love Texas" commercial, featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson. The second part, in which Reilly, Jonesy, and Stewart shout "Whassup!" at each other over the phone, refers to similar television commercials for Budweiser beer that ran from 1999 to 2002. Charles Stone III, the American film director credited with the concept, had created a spoof of it in 2008 as a campaign video for Barack Obama.


According to Tunefind, the following songs are featured in the episode:

  • Wood by DJ Donna Summer (the Skids at the Dollar Store)
  • Jason Corbett by Carl's Song (plays during the McMurray video)
  • Post Fahey by Brendan Canning (end credits)