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The Letterkenny and Letterkenny Problems dialogue makes extensive use of slang, including many words and phrases from hockey or general Canadian or rural usage.

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This main list focuses on shorter cryptic slang terms used in casual dialogue, whose meanings are not necessarily obvious from their context.

  • For longer and/or more obvious phrases, see Sayings, below the tables.
  • Also see separate sections below the tables for lists of euphemisms for sex, drugs, or gym terms, where approximate meanings are more obvious and less important to understanding the dialog; for example, when jocks are rapidly listing their various gym exercises, or hicks are explicitly listing all the nicknames they know for each drug.


Phrase Meaning Notes
5-hole The space between a goalie's legs. The areas the goalie must cover are numbered: Glove side high is 1, glove side low is 2, stick side high is 3, stick side low is 4, leaving the "5-hole." Hockey slang
10-ply A 'soft' person, particularly a male who lacks toughness; 5 times as soft as 2-ply toilet paper[1]
5-11 Referring to a height of 5'11", an insult suggesting that someone is unremarkable and "so average"; someone who acts self-important and embellishes themselves, ie. "You're not fooling anyone."
e.g. "You are so fuckin' 5-11"
Originates from the phenomenon of insecure men wanting people to think they are at least 6 feet tall, while actually being shorter.


Phrase Meaning Notes
A little dab'll do ya "A small amount [of something] is enough"; used to point out that someone is doing something too much. From the 1950s slogan for Brylcreem, a hair care product meant to be used a drop at a time.
Ag Hall Agricultural Hall, where the farmers in Letterkenny meet to discuss town farming issues See Ag Hall
Airball An attempt at a joke or conversational topic that falls flat. From an "airball" in basketball, a shot that misses so badly that it does not hit the rim, net, or backboard—nothing but air.
All-dressed chips Potato chips with a sweet, salty, and tangy flavor profile, reminiscent of common potato chip flavors: barbecue, ketchup, and salt & vinegar. Popular in Canada
Allons-y Pronounced al-on-ZEE; French phrase meaning "Let's go" (literal translation: "Let us go there") Was popularized in the English-speaking world by Doctor Who's Tenth Doctor, who used the phrase often.
Appy Appetizer, i.e. a small course traditionally served before the main course at a meal; though often refers to bar food, ie. fried "finger food" eaten as a meal/snack on its own, such as wings, cheese sticks, french fries, jalapeño poppers, etc.
e.g. "Appies then nappies"
Apple Assist, i.e. a pass that leads to a goal
e.g. "One geno, one apple, one tilly"
Hockey slang


Phrase Meaning Notes
Backdoor To deceive, swindle, or short-change someone for your own gain; also a euphemism for anal sex
Bad gas Negative rumors or gossip, that could spread and ruin reputations or relationships
e.g. "Bad gas travels fast in a small town"
Baker's Dozen One or two more than a usual dozen: 13 or 14, rather than the standard 12. Often simply means "a lot" of something.
e.g. "You've got a baker's dozen plaid shirts. They only need two."
Bar down, Bardownski An impressive hockey shot where the puck hits the bottom of the crossbar and shoots down into the net, often sounding a ping in the process
e.g. "Biscuits top titties bar downskis"
Hockey slang
Barn An ice hockey rink. From when communities repurposed actual old barns as ice rinks Hockey slang
Beaking Trash talking; steady insults directed at opposing players to unnerve or distract them; instigating a verbal altercation Hockey slang. The term "beaking" is more common in Western Canada, "chirping" in Eastern Canada.[2]
Bearcat A person or thing that fights or acts with force or fierceness
Beauty, beaut, beautician An especially good and sought-after specimen of something; a talented and well-liked hockey player
Between us girls Just between us.
Big city slams Sexual prospect (slam) from the city.
e.g. "Has anyone seen our big city slams?"
Mostly used by the Hockey Players
Big-league To out-class others via extravagant means, especially when your competition didn't think there was a competition at hand.
e.g. "You shouldn't big-league the town by handing out full-size candy bars on Halloween. It makes everyone else look cheap."
Big shoots, big shooter Big shot, or someone trying to be a big shot. Often simply a greeting or term of endearment for a male friend, used similarly to "dude" or "chief" etc.
e.g. "You sure you know what you're signing up for there, big shooter?"
Billet, billet sister, billet brother, etc. Staying with a host family while traveling during the season, common in junior hockey; the billet prefix applies as if the player is adopted into the family (similar to step-family members), making the host parents the player's billet mom and billet dad, and their children the player's billet sisters and billet brothers. Historically, a billet was someone's private residence that was commandeered to house soldiers.

Hockey players staying with host families are known to view their billet sisters or billet brothers as sexual prospects, hence their frequent mention by hockey players.

e.g. "You were both getting handies from your billet sisters."
Hockey slang
Biscuit Puck Hockey slang
Blowies Blowjobs Also see Sex
Boat Championship Hockey slang
Bomber A large marijuana joint, similar to Cannon Also see Drugs
Box Vagina
Bucky Unbridled revelry; going "Buck Wild"
e.g. "Wayne and Katy weren't allowed to have birthday parties growing up, so they went bucky at Daryl's birthday parties."


Phrase Meaning Notes
C-hair Short for "cunt hair"; usually refers to "a small amount"
e.g. "They've been drinking for a c-hair short of 24 hours!"
C-sucker Cocksucker; often used similarly to "sucker" in reference to an object, as in "this sucker"
e.g. "Don't sprinkle salt all over those c-suckers."
Caesar Pronounced SEE-zer. A cocktail made from Clamato (tomato juice and clam broth), vodka, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce.
e.g. "Can't see a caesar and not want to seize 'er!"
The Canadian version of a Bloody Mary. See Caesar (Wikipedia)
Calvins Boxer-brief style underwear; short for clothing designer Calvin Klein
Can confirm Expression of agreement, with a sense of authority; confirming that a statement just said by someone else is correct, based on one's personal experience
Cannon A very large marijuana joint
e.g. "You've been smoking one-gram cannons. How are you still conscious?"
Celly Short for "celebrate," particularly after scoring a goal, or after a sexual conquest
e.g. "Wheel snipes celly, boys!"
Hockey slang
Cheddar, Cheese, Top Cheddar, etc. The very top of the goal net; or a shot that goes in the goal right below the crossbar, or grazing the crossbar on its way into the goal Hockey slang
Chel Console video game EA Sports NHL, or playing it. From the sounds produced when saying NHL out loud: en-ay-CHEL
e.g. "But do you rip Chel? 'Cause we will rip Chel"
Chiclets Teeth, in the context of hockey fights that result in lost teeth. From the brand of chewing gum, which is white and rectangular, somewhat resembling human teeth.
e.g. "If you think you're walking out of here with all your chiclets you're stupid."
Hockey slang
Chin check A punch to the chin
Chin waggin' Talking without taking action; being "all talk"
e.g. "Good amount of chin waggin' goin' on there"
Chirping Trash talking; steady insults directed at opposing players to unnerve or distract them
e.g. "The best way to get inside an opponent's head is by chirping from the bench, boys."
Hockey slang. The term Beaking is more common in western Canada, chirping in eastern Canada.
Chode/Choad A penis that's "stumpy," ie. wider than it is long; also a derogatory name synonymous with "idiot" or "loser."
e.g. "You chodes don't want to mess with me."
Chorin' Doing farm chores
e.g. "Gotta go do some chorin'"
Hick slang
Clapper, clap bomb A fast slap shot, from the "clap" sound of a hockey stick slapping a puck
e.g. "Just blast clappers at the hash marks at the fuckin' plug tendy of ours."
Hockey slang
Coast to coast To skate a puck all the way from one end of the ice to the other
e.g. "Take it coast-to-coast"
Hockey slang
Cow A woman being bad-tempered, mean, hateful, unpleasant
e.g. "She was being a bit of a cow, wasn't she?"
Crop dusting Farting, especially when a person farts and walks away, leaving the foul smell behind
e.g. "Whoever's been crop dusting in here, that's gross."
From crop dusting planes, which deposit a substance while moving
Crush To consume or execute voraciously
e.g. "We're gonna crush a couple sandos."


Phrase Meaning Notes
Dangles, dirty dangles Skilled stick-handling on the ice; Dirty dangles are the most impressive moves, also a euphemism for sexual activity, ie. "stick (penis) handling" Hockey slang. Refers to dangling the puck in front to distract players from body movements during maneuvering.
Dart Cigarette
e.g. "Let's go have a dart"
Degens, de-gens Pronounced DEE-jenz. Short for "degenerates," people with bad manners who might ruin an event, leave a mess in an establishment, or otherwise act in undesirable, unevolved ways.[3] Often called "Degens from upcountry," as the degenerates apparently live in the north and travel south to make trouble in Letterkenny.
Dicker, dickering Haggle, bargain, negotiate
Dinger, dick dinger A hit of cocaine, or sometimes chewing tobacco; dick dinger is a line of cocaine snorted from an erect penis.
Dip Chewing tobacco placed between the gums and the lips; Dips sometimes refers to cigarettes dipped in other drugs.
e.g. "Eating zoomers and taking mad dips"
The skids are known to do dip cigarettes.
Donk To mess around, or act like an ass; to have fun fooling around during hockey practice, instead of dilligently training/drilling
e.g. "I could donk all day boys"
Hockey slang
Donkey juice A cocktail improvised out of desperation, from any bits of leftover liquor and mixers available; also known as donkey punch or jungle juice.
e.g. "Donkey juice will make you spit."
Was referred to as "jingle juice" on Christmas.
Donnybrook Brawl; a fight involving more than two people[4]
e.g. "We find the skids and have that fuckin' donnybrook, buddy"
Dust To skip, leave, be absent from [an event or chore]; to leave nothing but dust
e.g. "I want to dust on praccy"
Duster A benchwarmer, a player who sits and collects dust Hockey slang


Phrase Meaning Notes
Figure it out Telling someone to start using common sense; expressing annoyance at someone's lack of sense
Feed the ducks To masturbate, generally for males. From the similarity to the underhand closed-fisted motion sometimes used when sprinkling feed for animals.
e.g. "You seen the new Miley Cyrus video at your friend's house, and you're pretty sure he went upstairs to feed the ducks"
Also see Sex
Ferda "For the Boys," doing something for the team Hockey slang
Flap lips Talking without taking action; being "all talk"
e.g. "Did you come here just to flap lips?"
Flicking bean Female masturbation, ie. manipulating the clitoris ("bean")
e.g. "I was up all night flicking more bean than a Starbucks barista!"
Also see Sex
Flow Long hair that "flows" out of the helmet
e.g. "Sickest flow, bro"
Hockey slang
Forecheck, backcheck, paycheque Forecheck + backcheck = paycheque
  • Forecheck: Pressing the other team forward when they have the puck in their zone, making it difficult for them to bring it to your net.
  • Backcheck: Going back to your zone to help defend against the other team who has the puck near your net.
  • Paycheque: Getting paid for your efforts.
Hockey slang
Fuck a duck Expression of disappointed acquiescence; realizing you've been beaten or proven wrong; losing a bet
e.g. "Well, fuck a duck, you're right"
Fuck this pig To get started; take action; begin executing an idea
e.g. "How we gonna fuck this pig?"
Originates from "let's kick this pig," from starting a motorcycle ("hog" or "pig") via the kick-starter.


Phrase Meaning Notes
G 'n T Gin and tonic Mrs. McMurray's drink of choice
Gainer A back-flip executed while moving forward
e.g. "Someone's gonna pull a full gainer down the stairs"
From the term used in acrobatics and diving for a reverse rotation while moving forward
Gains Increase in muscle mass
e.g. "We've been working out all summer but I don't see any gains bro"
Gym slang
GD right Short for "god damn right"
Geno Pronounced JEE-no; a scored goal in hockey Hockey slang
Get after it Telling someone to stop wasting time; get to the point; get started; hurry up Similar to, and usually interchangeable with, "pitter patter"
Give your balls a tug Toughen up, as in "grow a pair" and "man up". Referring to a young boy's testicles dropping when they reach puberty, or from the first episode's "Give your balls a tug, make sure they're still attached." Shoresy's catchphrase
Great day for hay Dry, sunny weather, the kind that helps cut hay dry easily in the field Hick slang
Grocery stick A player that sits on the bench the whole game between the forwards and defense, acting like a separator found at the checkout counter in a grocery store. Hockey slang
Gus N' Bru A fictional brand of Canadian rye whisky, preferred by the Hicks for hard drinking. The label features dogs presumably named Gus and Bruno. Unlike Puppers Premium lager, Gus N' Bru has not been brought to market.
Gutty To be rude or unpleasant to someone
Gyno Row The first row in a strip club, closest to the stage


Phrase Meaning Notes
Hammered Drunk
e.g. "Let's get hammered"
Headmanning Passing the puck forward to an attacking teammate Hockey slang
Hicks A nickname for a main clique in Letterkenny made up of farmers who pride themselves on being classic tough country folk; Includes the main characters Wayne, Katy, Darry, and Squirrely Dan, among others; see Hicks
Hoof To kick someone in the crotch; getting hoofed is to get kicked in the crotch
e.g. "Better to be the one doing the hoofing than the one getting hoofed."
Hoover To snort a substance intranasally, usually a drug. From the "Hoover" brand of vacuum cleaners
e.g. "I've hoovered schneef off a urinal"
Was once used on the show to refer to a child snorting Fun Dip, a powdered flavored sugar candy.
Horn Penis
e.g. "I seen Stewart's horn"
Also see Sex
Hundo, hundy One hundred, often short for "one hundred dollars."
e.g. "There's a hundo in it for you."
Hundo P, Hundy P One hundred percent[5]
e.g. "Appys a hundy-P, boys"
In it to win it To get drunk diligently, as though one were on a mission.
e.g. "I'm in it to win it."
Jam Playing with aggression and instigation
e.g. "He's got some jam!"
Hockey slang
Jillstrap A pelvic protector undergarment for women, to protect female genitalia
e.g. "Her Jillstrap's got more skid marks than a runaway truck lane on a coastal mountain highway"
The female counterpart to the male jockstrap
King Cobra Coil A big poop


Phrase Meaning Notes
Laneway A driveway, a road leading up to a house, or group of houses.
Leafs The Toronto Maple Leafs, an NHL hockey team
Leg day A day of the workout schedule when legs are exercised while the upper-body muscles are given a rest to recuperate. Helps keep leg muscles proportionate to the other muscles developed in bodybuilding
e.g. "Never skip leg day!"
Gym slang. People are often tempted to skip leg day because leg muscles are not usually as visible and impressive to the public.
Legion The Royal Canadian Legion, an organization for veterans of the Canadian military or police, who have meeting halls in most towns which are often used as community centres
e.g. "The cheapest beers are at the Ukrainian Center, with the Legion being a close second."
Les douches de campagne The French Hicks' (Les Hiques') term for degens from upcountry; literally "idiots from the countryside."
Lights lamp The "lamp" refers to the flashing red light and siren behind the the goal that go off when a goal is scored. To "light lamp" is therefore to score, and by extension to enjoy success
e.g. "Kid lights lamp. hashtag lamp life"
Hockey slang
Lipstick A dog's erection, which looks red and similar to when lipstick is extended for use


Phrase Meaning Notes
Menno-nappers Mennonites, referring to the perception of Mennonite life/culture as being dull and tedious.
Mitt Vagina. Or in hockey, refers to hockey mitts (gloves); silky mitts are a skilled player's hands; and dropping mitts or tossing mitts is aggressively removing one's gloves to start a fight.
e.g. "Your mitt has more spiderwebs than a No Doubt set list"
Mix a batch To masturbate, usually for males; producing a "batch" of semen via vigorous motion ("mixing") Also see Sex
Nappy Taking a nap[6]
Native flu Faking illness to avoid playing a game against the Native teams, who were known for their toughness and sheer brutality
e.g. "Fever. Body aches. Nausea. All symptoms fraidy-cats fake to get out of playing the natives."
Noooooooo-ah! A version of "no" vocalized in an elongated whine, to express extreme disappointment
Not my pig, not my farm "Not my problem," expressing that you'd rather not get involved after being asked for a favor Hick slang
Notch, Notching Having casual sex with multiple different partners; from "carving notches in the bedpost," a classic method of keeping a tally of sexual conquests.
e.g. "Been notchin'?", "Eat, sleep, notch."
Oh bother Understated expression of annoyance, frustration, discomfort, or acknowledgement of something going wrong
Op Shop Thrift store (Opportunity Shop)[7]
Over and out Expressing that you're ending the current conversation; "goodbye," "seeya" From radio shorthand "over and out," which means the same thing.


Phrase Meaning Notes
Pantene Pro A skilled player with "silky smooth" moves, from Pantene shampoo advertising
e.g. "We love being the biggest Pantene pros in the league, but we want some wins"
Hockey slang
PC Politically Correct, ie. language that is sensitive and considerate of diversity, like race, gender, and sexual orientation.
Pepperette, venison pepperette Miniature dried spiced sausages usually sold in packs as finger food. Popular in Canada. The term "pepperette" comes from their resemblance to a miniature version of pepperoni sausage. Venison pepperettes are pepperettes made from deer meat.
Pert near "Pretty near"[8]
e.g. "Was down 'Pulco pertnear every winter"
Pheasant A useless hockey player, one who is nothing but a target Hockey slang
PIM "Penalty Infraction Minutes," nowadays known as "penalty minutes," a measure of the total time a player or a team spends in the penalty box for game infractions. Hockey slang
Pink dicks A derogatory term for white people, used mostly by Tanis in addressing the Hicks as a group
e.g. "Hey pink dicks"
Pitter patter (let's get at 'er) Get started; stop wasting time; get to the point; hurry up Similar to, and usually interchangeable with, "get after it"
Plug A useless player, one which sits like a plug
e.g. "I snowed our plug tendy no less than nine times"
Hockey slang
Plus-minus A hockey statistic that compares goals scored versus opponent goals scored when a player is on the ice
e.g. "All-time leaders in points, PIMs, and plus-minus"
Hockey slang
Poopy-pants A downer, sulker, belly-acher, killjoy; being cranky or grumpy
e.g. "As long as most people are having fun, there ain't no reason to be a poopy pants", "Why you all poopy-pants?"
Potent peace pipe Marijuana
Praccy Pronounced PRAK-ee; Short for "practice," usually hockey practice[9]
Puck bunny A female who sexually pursues hockey players
e.g. "Whereas musicians have groupies, hockey players have puck bunnies"
Hockey slang
Pump the brakes A call to slow down and think things out; take something down a notch
Puppers A brand of beer popular in Letterkenny
e.g. "Get this guy a fuckin' Puppers"
Puppers was entirely fictional, but Stack Brewing released an authorized lager dubbed "Puppers Premium Lager" in summer 2017, and Labatt another dubbed "Puppers Golden Lager" in 2021.
Pylon A slow player who is skated around, much like a practice pylon/cone Hockey slang


Phrase Meaning Notes
Reps Short for "repetitions" when exercising; each repeated motion is one repetition. Often short for "working out" in general.
e.g. "Gonna go to the gym and do some reps."
Gym slang
Revelations Bible study and preaching; from the "Book of Revelation" in the Christian New Testament.
The Rez Short for Native's Reserve or Reservation; territory where Natives reside and do business See The Rez
Rip, rippin' To do something with intensity
e.g. "Rippin' bicep curls", "rip farts", "rippin' dog pics on Bumble"
Rippers, rip club Generic term for a strip club
e.g. "McMurray and I went to the rippers, and there was a stripper there named "All-Anus Morisette""
Rips Illicit drugs, particularly cocaine; possibly other snorted drugs, like methamphetamine. From "ripping lines"
e.g. "Got rips?"
The show is intentionally vague about which specific drug(s) "rips" might refer to. Rips are the drug most frequently mentioned by the Skids, and a snorted white powder is the substance they are most frequently seen using. Cocaine is therefore a good bet. The Skids had a meth lab in Season 1, which can be snorted, so "rips" may also refer to meth. Marijuana is another possibility, as in "bong rips."
Roadie Road trip to an away game
e.g. "Big roadie to the big city this weekend, Schmelt"
Hockey slang
Rocket A sexually attractive person; a hottie
e.g. "Whose billet sister's a fuckin' rocket? (1x4)", "Whose billet brother's a fuckin' rocket, boys? (4x1)"
Rubber match A final deciding match, to determine the ultimate victor of a competition


Phrase Meaning Notes
Salad Flowy hair style, especially when long enough to be visible outside a hockey helmet. Sometimes also referred to as "lettuce." Hockey slang
Sally A weak or fearful person; a sissy
Sally Anne The Salvation Army, or a thrift shop operated by the Salvation Army
e.g. "You can get a glove for free at the Sally Ann"
Sando Sandwich[10]
e.g. "Wanna crush a couple sandos?"
Sandpaper A hardworking hockey player with "grit," like sandpaper, who wears down their opponents. Often used on Letterkenny to refer to "enforcers" or "goons," players recruited primarily for their fighting ability, rather than their hockey skills (like Tyson and Joint Boy). Hockey slang
Sauce A saucer pass. A touch pass that involves floating the puck over an opposing player's stick like a flying saucer before landing on the ice just before the blade of a teammate's stick.
e.g. "Sauce me a sauce pass"
Hockey slang
Scheddy Pronounced SKED-ee. short for "schedule"
e.g. "Check the scheddy"
Schmellie Derogatory term for Mennonites, implying that they smell bad. From the suggestion that because Mennonites don't use modern commercial hygiene products, like underarm deodorant, they tend to smell; and may also reference Mennonites' use of manure in their fields instead of commercial fertilizer.
Schmelt A rookie on the hockey team, especially a poorly-performing or disliked one
e.g. "Nobody wants to see your junk, schmelts."
Hockey slang
Schneef Cocaine Also see Drugs
Scoots, the scoots Diarrhea
e.g. "My farmhand just texted me and said he's got the scoots"
Scrap A fight
e.g. "I'd have a scrap."
Sea-Doo(s) A Personal Watercraft, Otherwise known as Jet ski.
e.g. "You get a scientist to make a sea-doo for an ant?"
Semi A semi-erect penis.
e.g. "We're gay guys at the gym, we're always rocking semis."
Shelbyville From The Simpsons, a rival town adjacent to Springfield that contained alternate versions of the regular characters and their names. Used as a one-off joke to refer to the drunk Hicks making up alternate names for the people of Letterkenny.
e.g. "Hey, what's with all the Shelbyville names?"
Ship Short for championship
e.g. "Let's win this ship, boys!"
Hockey slang
Shirt tucker A low-key disparaging term for Hicks, who are known to generally tuck their shirts into their pants
e.g. "Hey shirt tuckers."
Although the term is often intended as insulting, the Hicks don't usually seem to mind it.
Show, The Show The National Hockey League (NHL) Hockey slang
Skids A nickname for a main clique in Letterkenny that prides themselves on being edgy, dramatic goth kids who use and sell illicit drugs; includes the main characters Stewart, Roald, and Devon, among others; see Skids
Skoden Short for "Let's go then" Native slang
Sled Snowmobile
Smash Have sex with
e.g. "Ever smashed a Baltic German Spaniard?"
Snapper Vagina Atlantic fish, think of comparisons of female anatomy to tuna. Also see Sex
Snappy Photograph
e.g. "Gotta crack a snappy for the winstagram, buddy"
Snipe A particularly difficult or satisfying goal in hockey; a very attractive woman who would be difficult to impress. Often used with "wheel," meaning the use of strong or fancy moves, or to "pick up" / "have sex with" [women]
e.g. "Wheel some snipes"
Hockey slang
Snow A "plow stop" in skating: Intentionally short-stopping by grinding the ice sideways into "snow," especially to spray ice shavings at another hockey player
e.g. "I snowed our plug tendy no less than nine times"
Soft Describing a person who lacks toughness, or an action or statement that demonstrates weakness
e.g. "I don't like the feeling of harsh metals against my skin", "That's got to be the softest thing you've ever said."
Sort yourself out An admonition to someone making poor choices to figure out what they should be doing.
Spare parts An insult suggesting that someone is useless, ie. their only value is for spare parts, like a broken-down machine
e.g. "You're spare parts bud"
Spit To vomit
e.g. "Donkey juice will make you spit"
Spitter A receptacle for tobacco spit, generally improvised from an empty drink bottle or can. Use of dipping and chewing tobaccos produce large amounts of "tobacco juice" in the mouth, which can be acutely harmful to swallow, so users typically spit frequently during its use.
e.g. "Hold my spitter"
Stoodis Short for "Let's do this" Native slang
Suckered From "sucker-punched"; when someone attacks suddenly, before their opponent was ready to defend, or before they even realized the fight had started.
e.g. "Admit it, you suckered him."
Suey A suicide pass, ie. an up-ice pass where the receiver must look behind himself toward the passer, thus leaving him vulnerable to a check from the opposing team up-ice
e.g. "Just tossing mad sueys up the middle, bro"
Super-soft birthday party An extremely festive, childlike and colorful birthday party thrown for an adult, with such things as balloons, cupcakes, ponies, etc.
e.g. "Can we skip my super-soft birthday party this year?", "Hard no!"
Wayne and Katy were never allowed to have birthday parties, so they used Daryl's birthdays to make up for it, even into their adulthood.
Sweater Hockey jersey
e.g. "Sweaters should never touch the floor"
Hockey slang


Phrase Meaning Notes
Take about n percent off there Calm down; back off; "Take it down a notch" Most frequently used by Wayne when he detects that Dan is expressing interest in his sister Katy
Takedown A sexual conquest
Tape-to-tape A crisp stick-to-stick pass, i.e. direct from the hockey tape on one stick to the other
e.g. "Not sure what a tape-to-taper is anymore, buddy"
Hockey slang
Tarp Shirt
e.g. "Tarps off, boys"
Jock slang
Tart A promiscuous girl; a slut
Tendy Hockey goaltender Hockey slang
Texas-sized 10-4 Firm agreement or acknowledgment, ie. a 10-4 as big as Texas (one of the biggest states) 10-4 or Roger is a common public safety radio code in North America for affirmative or acknowledged.
They're coming land, sea, and air now Sarcastically saying the cavalry is on the way; said under one's breath when someone ineffectual promises to handle a problem and you know they can't. Reference to the three types of military units that can respond to a threat (army, navy, air force). Mostly used by Hicks, and mostly by Wayne
Throw hands, throw fists Start a fight
Throwing hip Having sex
e.g. "You throwing a lot of hip lately?"
Also see Sex
Tick-tock Hurry up, get to the point Sometimes used in place of "pitter patter" or "get after it"
Tilly, tilt A fight, particularly amongst hockey players
e.g. "We want to score goals but we just end up tillying with boys"
Hockey slang
Tit, tit-fucker A useless, ineffectual person; a moron
e.g. "Give yer balls a tug, tit-fucker!", "Who's this tit?"
A common insult in Letterkenny. Often used by Hicks and Jocks.
Toe-curling Having sex, or having an orgasm
e.g. "Wouldn't say no to a bit of toe-curlin'"
Also see Sex
Tunnel buddies Men who have a past sexual partner in common[11] The term "Eskimo brothers" is more common in the U.S., but "Eskimo" is considered racially insensitive in Canada.


Phrase Phrase Meaning Notes
Under the dose Under the influence of drugs; intoxicated
Vendor bender When a dispute breaks out between a buyer and the seller. From "fender bender" (a minor car accident)
e.g. "So is this gonna be some sorta vendor bender"
W A win
e.g. "I just need one W"
W5 Expression of extreme or desperate curiosity about something, requesting answers to the top five "w" questions: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. W5 is an investigative journalism show in Canada. The name of the show is based on the who, what, when, where, why.
Whale shit The lowest, least-prestigious position or league. "As low as whale shit," from the assumption that whales produce the most massive shits of any ocean creature, which therefore sink to the deepest ocean floors, which are the lowest points on Earth.
e.g. "This is senior-A whale shit hockey"
Whale tail The Y-shaped top part of thong underwear as seen from behind, which often shows above the pants waistband, especially when bending over; which has the vague appearance of a whale's tail peeking out above the water surface.[12]
Wheel Strong/fast skating; or picking up/having sex with women
e.g. "Wheel some snipes"
Hockey slang
Wheel-snipe-celly Scoring and celebrating. Variously refers to literally scoring in hockey, and/or "scoring" with women, ie. sexual conquest:
  • Hockey: Execute (wheel) difficult/fancy shots (snipes), then celebrate (celly)
  • Sex: Pick up and have sex with (wheel) hot women (snipes) and celebrate the conquest (celly)
Hockey slang
Whoopsie! No slang meaning. This is a random joke said several times throughout Letterkenny in a high-pitched voice during references to the fighting game Mortal Kombat (eg. 8x4 @ 14:30), in the company of other game phrases like "Get over here!" and "Finish him!" Mortal Kombat featured the high-pitched phrase as a humorous taunt triggered after a good move. The phrase was actually "Toasty!", but was usually misheard as "Whoopsie!", and that is the phrasing used on Letterkenny. See Toasty! (Mortal Kombat Wiki) and examples (YouTube)
Work the ground game To take up a cause, rather than passing it off to others. From American football, where "ground game" means running the ball down the field, as opposed to passing it off to another player.
Worm pickers People who collect worms to use or sell as bait for fishing, and sometimes trespass on farm land and other private fields to do so.


Phrase Meaning Notes
Yew! An exclamation of excitement or being caught off-guard, especially by someone's attractiveness Popularized by and most frequently attributed to Scottie Wallis
Yonny Open like an open net
e.g. "Don't want to fan on a yonny cage, buddy"
Zoomer Magic mushrooms
e.g. "Eating zoomers and taking mad dips"
Also see Drugs


Sayings in Letterkenny. Though many of these don't necessarily require much explanation, they are listed here as important parts of the Letterkenny lexicon nevertheless.

  • A little dab'll do ya - "A small amount [of something] is enough"; used to point out that someone is doing something too much.
  • Ain't no reason to get excited - Calm down.
  • Bad gas travels fast in a small town - Bad rumors spread quickly in small towns, so be careful what you say.
  • Can't see a caesar and not want a caesar / Can't see a caesar and not want to seize 'er. - Some subtitles say one, some say the other.
  • Can't win 'em all. - Aside from the obvious uses, this is also a common response in Letterkenny when hearing news that someone died.
  • Clear eyes, full windsors, can't lose - From the Friday Night Lights rallying cry: "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." "Full windsors" is substituted in to refer to a full-windsor knot used on men's neckties, to repurpose this rallying cry for a formal event where everyone is hoping to get laid.
  • Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life - If you love your career it won't feel like work.
  • Don’t bore us; Get to the chorus - Cut to the chase. Get on with it.
  • Everybody’s an expert (must be nice)
  • Figure it out - You're wrong.
  • First impression's a lasting one
  • Get this guy a fuckin' Puppers - Ie. "Get this guy a beer," response to someone who's unnecessarily angry.
  • Give your balls a tug - Check your masculinity/toughness, because it’s questionable.
  • Good 'nuff - Good enough.
  • Gotta leave this world behind - The futility and foolishness of the world makes one wonder if life is still worth living
  • Hard no. - Definitely not.
  • He's a real good guy
  • Here's the scoop and I'm gonna tell ya...
  • "How're you now?" "Good 'n you?" "Not so bad."
  • I should've packed a lunch - When someone is taking too long to get to the point.
  • I'd have a [beer/dart etc] - "I feel like having a beer," or something else, like a dart (cigarette). Often used as an excuse to leave a conversation.
  • If you can be one thing you should be efficient
  • If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything - If you don't choose a side you're likely gullible.
  • I'm surprised we're not [doing something] right now! - Indicating that you'd like to start a particular activity immediately.
  • I suggest you let that one marinate - Think long and hard.
  • It's almost not worth thinking about - Expressing discomfort with the current topic of conversation, ie. "Let's change the topic, please"
  • It's impolite to talk about [something]
  • It's never so bad [that] it couldn't be worse
  • It's never too late to drive truck - If all else fails, you can always start a new career as a truck driver.
  • I've got so much time for [something] - Indicating that you find something or someone agreeable or attractive.
  • K - Generic one-word response when uncomfortable.
  • Let that one marinate - Think long and hard.
  • Look at what the cat dragged in - A facetious greeting. Sometimes followed up with "Better than what the cat coughed up."
  • More hands [means/makes] less work - The more people help out, the easier a task is, and the faster it will be completed.
  • Must be nice - Disapproval of shows of excess
  • Not my pig, not my farm. - Not my problem.
  • Old boss is always a dick ‘till ya meet the new one - It's never so bad [that] it couldn't be worse
  • Pitter patter [let's get at 'er] – Hurry up / Let's hurry up.
  • Please and thank you - Filling in obligatory politeness when it was previously missing.
  • Reason fuckin' five million - Pointing out that the reasoning stated by someone else in the conversation is only the tip of the iceberg, and there's much more that could be said in support of their view.
  • Sitting is quietly murdering you - From the belief that people sit more than they're meant to these days.
  • Sort yourself out - Take a look at what you're doing and fix it. Similar to "figure it out."
  • Sure as god's got sandals - For sure.
  • Take 20 to 25% off there - Take it down a notch.
  • That was well brought up. Too bad you weren’t - Sarcastic response to a burp.
  • That's what I appreciates about you.
  • The less you say now, the less you'll have to apologize for later.
  • There could be worse things - That's not so bad.
  • They don't ask how. They ask how many - For situations where quantity is more important than quality.
  • They're coming land, sea, and air now - Sarcastically saying the cavalry is on the way; said under one's breath when someone ineffectual promises to handle a problem and you know they can't. Reference to the three types of military units that can respond to a threat (army, navy, air force).
  • To be fair...
  • Too much fun. - When the humor in the conversation is getting too corny for comfort.
  • We are first-cousin to [something] - Something is approaching, usually a bad situation, eg. "We are first-cousin to an emergency."
  • Wheel snipes celly boys, dirty fuckin' dangles boys! - Variously refers to scoring goals in hockey and scoring with women. See glossary above for explanation of the individual terms.
  • When a [man/friend] asks for help, you help him
  • You better settle down or I'm gonna come to talk to ya
  • You don't fuck with tradition
  • You have a rich inner life - Sarcastic response to a burp.
  • You shouldn't air your dirty laundry - You should keep your grievances to yourself.
  • Gonna work the ground Game, huh? - Taking on a cause. From "ground game" in American football, where "ground game" is running the ball yourself, instead of passing it off to a teammate.
  • Your terms are acceptable - I'm in.
  • You've had too much sugar cereal - Expressing that someone said something ridiculous; they must be high on sugar.


More comprehensive lists of nicknames, euphemisms, or alternative terms, referring to sex or drugs, that have been used on Letterkenny. Many of these terms have been mentioned only once, are fairly obvious based on context, and/or are not essential to understanding the dialogue.


  • Anabolic steroids - A-bombs, anti-hero, gear, gym candy, juice, roids, sauce
  • Cocaine - booger sugar, devil's dandruff, nose beers, schneef, snooter, stripper salt, uptown
  • GHB - G
  • Marijuana - assassin of youth, dank, devil's dart, dutch, electric lettuce, gateways, Jamaican broccoli, jazzy, johnny red-eye, keef, pot, potent peace pipe, reggae cigarette, sublime ragtime
  • MDMA - the beans, bombers, dancin' shoes, disco biscuits, E, e-bombs, ecstasy, hug drug, (don't say) molly, roly-poly
  • Magic mushrooms - boomers, cracker stackers, simple simon, zoomers
  • Methamphetamines - the beans, bombers, meth
  • Ritalin - rits


  • Copulation - bacon makin', building the beast with two backs, building the blanket monster, crawl up the skin slide, dirty dangles, going to the bone yard, hizzin’ in the skizzins, making feet for children's stockings, pituitary poke, smash, stank on the hangdown, takedown, testing the tube steak, throwing hip, toe-curling, wheeling, yessing
  • Erection - boner, glizzy, home wrecker, lap rocket, red rocket, stiffy
  • Fellatio - blowie, blowjob
  • Heterosexual (male) - clam slammer
  • Homosexual (male) - backdoor bandit, bum bumper, Donald Trump of rump, donut puncher, knob jockey, Oklahomo, pipe fitter, rear admiral, shit disturber, uphill gardener
  • Masturbation (female solo) - Flicking bean, diddle my skittle
  • Masturbation (male solo) - batching (from "mixing a batch"), beating the bishop, dishonourable discharge, distributing free literature, feeding the ducks, feeding the geese, firing wristers, hand-to-gland combat, making a bald man puke, mixing a batch, playing five-on-one, playing one-man couch hockey in the dark, pulling your horn
  • Masturbation (mutual) - glover, handjob, handy, squeezer
  • Penis - bobby dangler, chutney ferret, custard slinger, dink, disco stick, friendly weapon, ground squirrel, hard drive/floppy disk, hollow point, horn, impaler, joystick, love muscle, middle stump, PhD, sticky grenade, pork sword, tube, WMD
  • Vagina - box, gash, front bum, furry cup, mitt, slit, snapper, chuff, minge


  • Flatulence - air biscuit, ass flapper, colon bowling, crack splitter, rectal turbulence, steam pressing your Calvins; Also "crop dusting": the practice of farting and walking away.
  • Vomit -to call Earl, to call Huey, to meat sauce, to spit / have a spit, to toss a sidewalk pizza, to yack(Uncle Eddie's Trust)


Some terms on Letterkenny that may appear to be slang terms are actually just words commonly mispronounced by the characters.

  • Cousint - Cousin
  • Exposed to - Supposed to (eg. "You're not exposed to give dogs human names.")
  • Irregardlessly - Regardless
  • Libary - Library

Gym terms[]

Based on descriptions at BodyBuilding.com

  • Advanced alternate air bike ab roll - an abdominal exercise involving lying on ground on one's back with legs performing a cycling motion and head and shoulders lifted into a crunch position, bringing the right elbow to the left knee and left elbow to the right knee in succession.
  • Advanced kettlebell windmill - a core exercise in which a kettlebell is held above the lifter's head; the lifter lowers the body to one side, keeping the kettlebell locked out and overhead, then returns to the starting position.
  • Alternate dumbbell bicep curl - a bicep exercise in which the lifter curls a dumbbell while rotating it at the elbow until the back of the hand is facing outwards, then lowers and twists to return, continuing with the other arm.
  • Alternate one-arm dumbbell preacher curl - a bicep curl with the upper arm rested on a preacher bench.
  • Animal Stak - a body building supplement.
  • Anti-gravity press - a shoulder exercise performed with the lifter prone on an incline bench, with chest and hips on the pad, holding weights with an overhand grip; the weight is reverse curled to bring the weights to the chest, then press out in front of the head, keeping the arms parallel to the ground throughout the mvoement, hence the "anti-gravity" in the name.
  • Barbell half-squat - a squat done with a barbell in which the lifter bends about halfway down, remaining above parallel (i.e. the position where the thighs are parallel to the floor).
  • Bent over rear delt raise with head on bench - a shoulder exercise in which the lifter bends over and rests his or her head, commonly on an incline bench, then lifts dumbbells to the side with arms extended until the arms are parallel to the floor, then lowers them again.
  • Bent press barbell side bend - a bent press in which a barbell is held at shoulder height, then maintained as the body is bent to one side and returned.
  • Burpee box jump - a lower body plyometric in which the athlete jumps onto a box or step with both feet, then off again, then does a burpee
  • Cable hammer curls with rope attachment - a bicep exercise in which the standing lifter curls using a rope attached to a low pulley.
  • Cable rope overhead tricep extension - a tricep exercise using a pulley machine, in which the lifter, facing away from the pulley, grips the handle and holds it above his or her head, then slowly lowers it behind the head.
  • Close grip EZ bar curl with band - a bicep exercise performed standing, with the EZ curl bar attached to a fixture using an elastic band.
  • Concentration curl - a bicep exercise in which the lifter, seated on a bench, curls a dumbbell from between the legs until it is shoulder level, keeping the upper arm stationary, then returns it.
  • Cross body hammer curl - a bicep and forearm exercise in which the lifter, standing with dumbbells at each side, curls a dumbbell to the opposite side of the chest from the arm in which it is held and returns it, then doing the same with the other arm.
  • Drop sets - a strength training regimen in which the amount of weight lifted is gradually dropped with each set, allowing the lifter to complete more reps.
  • Forced rep - a term for a rep completed with the assistance of a spotter. The spotter lifts an increasing percentage of the weight in later reps, allowing the lifter to complete the set.
  • Judo flip - a core exercise using a cable machine, in which the cable is held over the shoulder and pulled by bending around, as if performing a judo flip.
  • Kettlebell sumo deadlift - a leg exercise in which the lifter starts in a sumo stance, with legs wide apart, and deadlifts the kettlebell from the ground to waist level.
  • Lying close grip bar curl on high pulley - a bicep exercise done on a pulley machine in which the lifter, reclining on a bench, curls the bar down towards the head.
  • One arm cable curl - A standing bicep curl using the cable machine.
  • Plyometrics - exercises designed to develop bursts of muscle power, most often taking the form of various types of jumps
  • Rollout incline heel touch - an incline heel touch is a core exercise lying on an incline with legs raised and bent, touching the right hand to the right knee, then the left hand to the left knee.
  • Russian cable twist - a core exercise using a cable machine and Swiss ball, in which the lifter reclines on the ball perpendicular to the cable, then rotates the body to pull the cable with both hands/
  • Sandbell slam - a plyometric in which a Sandbell is lifted up over the head, then slammed down to the ground.
  • Skull crusher - a.k.a. lying triceps extension, in which the lifter reclines on a bench with the head hanging just off the top, holds the weights (or handle) overhand above the head with arms bent, and extends the arms to work the tricep group.
  • Standing dumbbell reverse spider curl - An arm and shoulder exercise where the dumbbells are reverse curled while the lifter is leaned on a preacher bench, instead of an incline bench.
  • Standing one-arm bicep curl over incline bench - a bicep curl done standing behind an incline bench with the upper arm rested against it, palm facing up.
  • Standing V-bar pushdowns - see V-Bar tricep pushdown.
  • Superset - a strength training regimen in which the lifter moves from one exercise to another without resting in between.
  • Swiss ball jackknife - a core exercise in which the lifter starts in the pushup position with legs resting on a Swiss ball (a.k.a. exercise ball, balance ball); then bends the legs, rolling the ball inward until the thighs touch the abdomen; then extends again.
  • Two-arm barbell wide grip preacher curl - a curl performed at a preacher bench with the arms gripping the barbell wider than the shoulders.
  • V-Bar tricep pushdown - a tricep pushdown performed with a V-bar; the lifter stands in front of the high pulley machine, grips the V-bar overhand, and pushes down on the bar, then returns it, keeping the upper arms stationary.


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