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This article is about the character. For the show, see Shoresy (series).

Shoresy is a side character on Letterkenny, and the titular character of its 2022 spinoff Shoresy. His face is never seen; he is played by Jared Keeso wearing a wig and using a falsetto voice.

Give yer balls a tug. — Shoresy


"Shoresy" is a nickname the hockey players give him. His actual surname is "Shore," as seen on his jerseys, and as mentioned in TSN coverage of the National Senior Hockey Championship. Like Reilly and Jonesy, his first name has never been given.


Shoresy begins as a member of the the Letterkenny Shamrocks junior hockey team with Reilly and Jonesy, wearing sweater #69. He joins them in chirping player #22 for the Sudbury Barons, and Reilly shouts encouragement to him on the ice and in the shower (Wingman Wayne). Before long, however, he gets under Reilly and Jonesy's skin. Being dropped from the Shamrocks has a silver lining (A Fuss at the Ag Hall).

Not going to miss playing with Shoresy, bud. — Reilly

Frustrated with the winless Letterkenny Irish, Coach brings on Shoresy mid-season in an unusual move, to Reilly and Jonesy's dismay (MoDeans 2). While they struggle to build team unity, he spends his time chirping at them with crude comments about their mothers (Bradley Is a Killer). Coach still thinks of him as "a masterpiece."


Best of Shoresy Vol 1. (Letterkenny)

After the Irish shut down, Reilly and Jonesy enjoy some time without Shoresy as they help coach the Letterkenny Shamrockettes. Coach figures out, however, that the hatred between Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne stems from their jealousy over Shoresy (Letterkenny Spelling Bee). Their plans for a sweep are threatened when they discover that Shoresy has become an official, and will serve as a linesman at the championship game. The Shamrockettes emerge victorious, and it seems nothing can take the moment away from Reilly and Jonesy until they receive text messages from their mothers asking for Shoresy's whereabouts (Back to Back to Back). Betty-Anne and Mary-Anne apparently learn to share Shoresy's affections, and are seeing accompanying him at MoDean's, where all three join in to chirp Reilly, Jonesy, Dax, and Ron (The City).

When Tanis reassembles the Irish, Shoresy joins up as one of their stars, much to Reilly and Jonesy's chagrin. While he is able to score against the Shamrockettes in a matter of seconds, his ice time in both that game and against the Natives is most memorable for his relentless chirping, captured on tape as Tanis has had the whole team mic'd "out" (W's Talk, Baby).

8x2- 0029 JonesyShoresyReilly.jpg

After the players figure out ways to claim Native heritage, Shoresy, Reilly, and Jonesy become stars of the Kerry County Eagles, the Native team. At the National Senior Hockey Hockey Championship, he maliciously slashes the star Quebec player, Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean. This disables him, and while almost certainly resulting in a match penalty for Shoresy himself, is enough to give the Ontario team an edge over Quebec, giving them the national championship (National Senior Hockey Championship).

A subsequent BROdude investigation found that three DNA samples submitted to Ancestry.com were identical—Shoresy replaced Jonesy and Reilly's samples with two more of his own. This irregularity meant that they were not certified as being of Native ancestry and therefore could not play for the Native team, disqualifying the Eagles and handing the cup to the Three Rivers Lakers of Quebec. A triumphant JJ Frankie JJ arrived in Letterkenny to claim the trophy personally (NDN NRG).

10x05-15 ShoresySkates.jpg

Shoresy is seen in a hot tub accompanied by Cassie and Tassie, not long after their splits with Reilly and Jonesy (King of Suckers), but his love for the game persists. While Reilly and Jonesy spend their time making VidVok videos in a rivalry with the Skids, Wayne sees Shoresy doing drills late at night, working so hard he vomits, even though he is all alone. Even more, he does this for a mere beer league team he is on with Tyson and Joint Boy, who plan to "phone it straight the fuck in." In appreciation for his contributions to the Eagles' victory, Tanis tells Wayne she is shipping him north to her cousin's senior AAA team. Wayne does not care Shoresy's reputation, and considers him a bit of a snake, but at the same time respects his work ethic (VidVok).

JJ Frankie JJ has not forgiven Shoresy for the move, and drives to Letterkenny to intimidate him with a companion, but Shoresy merely chirps him about his weight. He later returns, however, with four lumberjacks, intending a full beat-down. But Shoresy receives backup from Wayne, Axe, and Slash, and Frankie and his crew are sent running. Wayne later extends a hand to Shoresy and wishes him good luck up north (VidVok).

10x06-52 Shoresy.jpg

Shoresy is last seen making a pitstop on the outskirts of Sudbury, Ontario, home of the Sudbury Bulldogs (Sundays are for Picking Stones).


Reilly and Jonesy[]

While Shoresy is initially on good terms with Reilly and Jonesy, his crude talk about Katy and his insults get under their skin, particularly about their mothers. This develops into outright antagonism, where he is only heard contradicting and challenging them. When the hockey players recruit Tyson and Joint Boy to the Irish to play as enforcers, one of the first things they have them do is beat Shoresy up.

Shoresy also undermines their efforts to build team unity among the Shamrockettes by setting Betty-Anne and Mary-Anne against one another, and when they ask him to stop, he mocks them mercilessly. A linesman in their championship game, he uses every opportunity to visit their bench and insult all four of them (Back to Back to Back).

Shoresy's chirping at Reilly and Jonesy includes frequent and graphic descriptions of his alleged sexual adventures with their respective mothers. This could be construed as mere mockery, but Reilly and Jonesy both receive texts from their moms asking about Shoresy's whereabouts (Back to Back to Back) implying that he does in fact have sexual relations with both women.

Betty-Anne and Mary-Anne[]

Both Betty-Anne and Mary-Anne take an interest in Shoresy, creating a rift between them and rupturing the unity of the Letterkenny Shamrockettes. The rift heals when Reilly and Jonesy fib to them, saying Shoresy made sexist comments. In the end, Shoresy tells them he said no such things, and later he is seen in the company of both (The City). Any reconciliation was not long-lived, as he chirps them mercilessly in the game the Irish play against the Shamrockettes, producing the familiar response: "fuck you, Shoresy."