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Season 7 of Letterkenny was released on Crave at midnight Eastern Time on October 11, 2019, the Friday before (Canadian) Thanksgiving, and at midnight Eastern Time on the following Monday, October 14, on Hulu in the United States.


Bell Media announced the premier date on June 5, 2019 in The Lede (Bell Media). A tweet from the Letterkenny Problems account followed on June 6. Production commenced in Sudbury summer 2019, after the Letterkenny Live! U.S. tour concluded in June.

This was a break from the show's previous pattern of "six-pack" releases. Starting with Season 3, the show had released a late winter or spring holiday special (for St. Patrick's Day, Easter Sunday, and Valentine's Day thus far), then a six-pack on or around Canada Day (July 1), a fall or early winter holiday special (Halloween and Christmas), and then a second six-pack on or around Christmas Day (December 25).

This marks the first season where Letterkenny is billed as a "Hulu Original" comedy (Variety). Hulu does not have a direct creative role in the show; the designation signifies that it has exclusive U.S. streaming rights to all future episodes. The Hulu partnership begun in 2018 saw the first two seasons released on July 13, all subsequent seasons and specials on December 28 (three days after Crave), and the Valentine's Day special on February 14 (13 days after Crave).

Little was revealed about plot or character developments except that the Hicks would start an agricultural call-in radio show.


Further details were previewed by Jacob Tierney, Mark Montefiore, Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K. Trevor Wilson on a panel at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas on Sunday, June 9, 2019, moderated by Joana Robinson of Vanity Fair (Hollywood Reporter, Polygon).

The official trailer was released on YouTube on September 27, and the teaser was released on YouTube on October 4.


Overall No. Season No. Title Synopsis
42 1 Crack N Ag The Hicks start an agricultural call-in show.
43 2 Red Card Yellow Card Soccer (or football) rules are used in every day Letterkenny life.
44 3 Nut Dan’s private viewing habits are exposed.
45 4 Letterkenny vs Penny Wayne and Katy compete in a penny drive. The Hockey Players are nostalgic for the game.
46 5 W's Talk, Baby Tanis tries to get the Irish back together.
47 6 In It To Win It Daryl heads back to Quebec. The Hockey Players battle the Native team.