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Season 10 of Letterkenny will be released Christmas Day, December 25, 2021 on Crave in Canada, and the following day on Hulu in the United States.


In September 2020, executive producer Mark Montefiore told Sudbury.com that shooting that was supposed to have taken place in August and September for seasons 10 and 11 had been pushed to 2021 (Sudbury.com), due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Filming was officially announced to have started on June 10, 2021, via the official Twitter account, @LetterkennyProb. An Instagram post published the same day by Michelle Mylett indicated that they were shooting two seasons at once. Another Instagram post, by Tyler Johnston, indicated that filming had wrapped by June 19. Given historical release calendars, this pointed to a possible release in December 2021, perhaps on or around Christmas.

Bell Media announced on June 10 it was developing an official spin-off, entitled Shoresy, after the character Shoresy portrayed by Jared Keeso.


A trailer for the season was released on YouTube and social media on November 17, 2021, also confirming the speculated release date of Christmas 2021. Scenes in the trailer indicated the appearances of the Hicks, Skids, and hockey players, as well as Gail, Rosie, the McMurrays, Bonnie, Anik, Shania, Tanis, Glen, Dierks and his crew, Marie-Fred, the Dycks, Jim Dickens, and Aly and Bianca, and an array of new characters. Hulu cited as highlights of the coming season "McMurray and Wayne do some dickering… the Hicks attend a sausage party… the Hockey Players and Skids have a video game battle… and the men of Letterkenny receive head to toe physicals."


Overall No. Season No. Title Synopsis
62 1 King of Suckers It’s story time and the launch of a new energy drink.
63 2 Dealership McMurray and Wayne do some dickering. The rest compete in a Caesar building contest.
64 3 Dyck Meat The Hicks attend a sausage party. The hockey players and skids have a video game battle.
65 4 Prostate The men of Letterkenny receive head to toe physicals.
66 5 VidVok Wayne drives Zamboni. The hockey players and the skids compete for VidVok fame.
67 6 Sundays are for Picking Stones The Hicks recruit help for picking stones.


The A.V. Club review was positive about the new season following what it considered a disappointing Season 9, although disappointed that Glen only makes one appearance. "Thankfully, the 10th season answers 'How’re ya now?' with a hearty 'Good, and you?' Coming in at a slim six episodes, this season takes a bit of time to clean up its mess. Season 10 takes what audiences love about the series and basks in that verbose and crass light."