Red Card Yellow Card is the second episode of Season 7 of Letterkenny.


Soccer (or football) rules are used in every day Letterkenny life.

Cold OpenEdit

Yeah, well, welcome to another Crack N Ag, and, bet youse can't, so… — Wayne

The Hicks host another episode of their call-in cable public access show, but this time, they have brought beers. A viewer had sent Katy a DM that they felt like they were the fourth person sittin' around with them gabbin', and Wayne figured if they were just gabbin', they may as well have beers.

Keith Greydanus—whom the Hicks call "Gray Daniels"—dials in, and all shout awkward greetings and small talk about his name and his job at the sawmill. He complains that one of his co-workers is being a tit: Dalton Thibodeaux. Wayne says his old man is a tit too, to Dan's astonishment; they swap stories of his past misdeeds.

Gray Daniels continues, describing the task in excruciating detail, finally reaching the point: Thibodeaux is much less productive than his co-workers. The Hicks advise Gray Daniels to give him a kick in the ass, but he demurs, saying kids nowadays would complain about it, what with their anxiety, and depression, and autism. Dan chimes in.

There is always, always, an alternative to violence. On that, I would like to be crystals clears. 'Cept if you're working fuckin' labour. — Dan

They insist he put his foot on it, and Thibodeaux will either improve or quit, and everyone will be better off.

Stewart and Roald tell Katy she should play a song as a segue between callers, but she says they are getting in the way, and threatens to put her foot in it. She puts through a call from Dalton Thibodeaux, who says Gray Daniels is telling tales out of school. This sets off the Hicks, who all begin shouting at him.

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