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Never Work a Day in Your Life is the first episode of Season 4 of Letterkenny.


It’s Gail’s birthday but in an effort to forget Rosie, Wayne is non-stop chorin’.

Cold Open[]

The Hicks, the hockey players, Stewart, Glen, and Gail summarize their respective predicaments in limericks.

Well, you're not really sure as what went down.
But you hears you look like a real clown.
Your pal had a scrap
like a real proper snap.
And since he's been wearing a frown. — Dan

Plot Summary[]

4x1-11 WayneStormy.jpg

A montage shows life in Letterkenny in the two months since the fight and Wayne and Rosie's subsequent breakup: Wayne chorin' non-stop, the Skids doing copious drugs, Jonesy working out by himself, Gail cleaning up MoDean's, Glen street preaching at the dollar store, Rosie reading by herself, Stormy again refusing to come out of the barn. At MoDean's, an argument between Jivin' Pete and Daryl develops into a donnybrook with Dan, Jim Dickens, Tyson, Sled Ted, Joint Boy. The degens are defeated and the Hicks take their leave as Gail consoles herself by doing shots alone at the bar.

Back at the farm, the Hicks discuss their plans to attend Gail's birthday party at MoDean's II; Wayne says he has too much chorin' to do. Dan and Daryl observe, to be faaair, that he may be trying to escape his feelings over his breakup with Rosie, as his work seems neverending; Wayne states that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

Reilly drives up to the end of the laneway by himself and greets the Hicks. They respond with a stream of insults that leave him speechless until Katy calls him into the house.

What's your laundry-folding channel, hon? — Wayne

Jonesy is lifting weights by himself at the gym when he attracts the notice of two gym rats (Ron and Dax), who catcall him with various hockey-related double entendres. "No penalty for hair-pullin' in this game," Dax points out. Jonesy mutters that he misses his buddy; they each offer to be his "buddy."

4x1-21 Katy.jpg

Dan is passed out exhausted at the kitchen table, as Wayne and Daryl report on the amount of work they have been doing. Katy reports that Stormy, Wayne's German shepherd, would not come out of the barn for breakfast. She adds that the only other dog Stormy had ever taken to was Rosie's dog Cito. All remark on their adorable litter of pups as well. But Wayne gives a hard no when Katy offers to call Rosie over; Wayne says he is "too busy," and that they should get back to chorin', yielding a "nooooo" from the other Hicks.

4x1-28 GlenHockeyPlayersSkidsLot.jpg

Jonesy and Reilly run into each other in the dollar store parking lot, but the conversation is awkward and forced. Reilly complains about Katy, but then feeling bad about Jonesy's exclusion, loudly asserts how good his life is, as does Jonesy. Glen and the Skids arrive at the same time. Glen wants to street preach from the parking lot, whereas the Skids want to use the lot to do rips, and the hockey players just want to do reps. They argue about doing rips, reps, and revelations, until Bonnie McMurray exits the store to tell them she has called the police.

At the farmhouse porch, Katy again lectures Wayne about taking a break—he is brushing his dog Gus, who is a short-haired breed. He is defensive.

You know, you don't need to watch me brush him twice a day. Get a hobby. Get a kite. — Wayne

Daryl complains that it is a lot of work, and Wayne replies that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life, before leaving with Gus. Dan and Daryl discuss what they would do if they never had to work another day in their life; they agree that they'd "mix more batch than Betty Crocker." They reflect that they've spent so much time working on the farm that they haven't in some time. Daryl suddenly remembers that there is a "matinee game" for… "ball." Dan catches his drift, and both depart.

4x1-37 GailKatyRosie.jpg

Katy arrives at MoDean's, where Rosie is in town also visiting for Gail's birthday. Katy remarks about Stormy, and Rosie reports that Cito similarly hasn't been himself; dogs ar a lot of work—but do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.. Gail remarks that if she never had to work another day in her life, she would "diddle my Skittle… till she spittles," in various terms, until Katy takes her leave.

At the farm, Dan and Daryl again try to get Wayne to come out for Gail's birthday, but he refuses. He has had the vet come by to check up on Stormy, giving her a "two-knuckler." Katy arrives and says vet said Stormy might be depressed. Wayne scoffs at the idea that dogs can be depressed, and Katy points out that he and Stormy would make a fine pair of poopy pants, except that if Stormy could talk, she would tell them what's wrong Seth arrives to take them to the party, and Wayne is left by himself.

Reilly is working out alone at the gym when Ron and Dax approach, catcalling him with a new stream of hockey-related double entendres.

Come penetrate the slot, mister. — Ron

Reilly is bewildered, and mutters that he misses his buddy. Ron and Dax each offer to be his buddy.

4x1-45 StormyBarn.jpg

Wayne, seeing Stormy alone in the barn, makes a call.

4x1-46 Glen.jpg

Glen is preaching at the dollar store parking lot when Stewart and the Skids ride up on their bicycles to challenge him. They agree to have a battle to decide who will have use of the parking lot.

Rosie arrives at the farm with Cito, and Wayne walks over to greet her. They discuss the events from two months ago when Bradley calls from the party to ask why they are not there. Bradley says he has no problem with Wayne, and respects him as "good ol' boys are a dying breed"; Wayne and Rosie realize their dispute has no basis. Stormy comes out of the barn to greet Cito.

4x1-57 WayneRosie.jpg

At the party, Glen and Stewart exchange scowls, and Reilly and Jonesy have another awkward meetup. Daryl and Dan toast the birthday gal. A reconciled Wayne and Rosie show up at the bar, where they are greeted warmly by Bradley. Relationships are hard work, Wayne says, but do what you love, says Rosie, and you'll never work a day in your life.


  • Daryl: I'd rather be watching a hobo jerk off.
    Wayne: I think we'd be lucky to watch a hobo jerk off right now.
    Daryl: I'd rather be watching a paper cut in slow-mo.
    Wayne: I'd rather be watching a ten-man lemon party on an IMAX movie screen.
  • Wayne: Sing a song or something. Do a trick. You're useless.
  • Daryl: You're a danish in a donut shop.
    Wayne: You're a cup of baby carrots, you fucking asshole.
  • Glen: I'm not here to dance, heathen. Unless, well… unless you ask me to, Roald.
  • Dan: What would you do if you never hads to work another days in your life?
    Daryl: Well, pull on it, likely.
  • Daryl: It'd be like I was back in high school. Beat my bread like it owes me money.
    Dan: I'd mix more batch than Betty Crockers.
    Daryl: Pull more horn than a trombone player.
    Dan: You know, I used to have pole position in many a five-finger race.
    Daryl: I've handled some shower stickys.
    Dan: Beats sitting around scratching crotch all day.
    Daryl: Or bust like Humpty Dumpty.
    Dan: I'd carry bigger wads than Tony Soprano.
    Daryl: You know, we've been helping Wayne chore so much, I can't remember the last time I leaned into one.
    Dan: Yeah.
    Daryl: Say, is there matinee game on, no? Dan: What sport? Daryl: I don't know. Ball.
    Dan: Yes. Yes, I do believe there is a game this afternoon.
  • Gail: I'd diddle my Skittle… Till she spittles.… I'd flick my bean like a rousing game of Crokinole for sexy results.… I mean it. You haven't seen a climax like this since Karate Kid crane kick.… I've wet more skin than a public pool. I've reached more peaks than a Sherpa!
  • Katy: Relationships: it's a lot of work.
    Rosie:Do what you love…
    Wayne: …And you'll never work a day in your life.

Callbacks and Running Gags[]


  • Wayne doesn't know the hockey players' names
  • Rips, reps, revelations


Cultural References[]

  • "Lemon party" is a reference to an infamous pornographic photograph involving three elderly men in bed together, one performing oral sex on another, who is kissing the third, hence Daryl's advice "don't let grammy Google that one."
  • Glen refers to his denomination as the "Church of Spiritual Humanism." There is an actual organization by this name which is not theologically Christian, but advocates reinterpreting traditional religious practices on a foundation of scientific humanist inquiry. In practice, they are best-known for offering online ordinations, allowing essentially anyone who completes a web form to be able to perform marriages in some jurisdictions.


  • Glen indicates that he has been removed from his position as pastor of the church due to budget cuts. He is found at the still-operational church in Dyck's Slip Out in Season 6, however.
  • This episode is one of the few that makes reference to any official law enforcement, despite the fighting, illegal drug use, and other ills that seem commonplace in town. A town of Letterkenny's size probably does not have its own police force, relying instead on the Ontario Provincial Police, which might explain their absence if there is no station nearby. In real life, the North Perth OPP detachment is located in the municipal office in Listowel, Jared Keeso's hometown and the town on which Letterkenny is based.


According to Tunefind, these songs are featured in the episode:

  • Eraser by No Age (townspeople montage)
  • Hangover by Black Dave & Nick Catchdubs (Reilly drives up to the end of the laneway)
  • Dogbody by Holloh (at the gym)
  • Already Yours by Indian Wars
  • Woman Is a Free Freak by NOBRO
  • First of All by Japanther (birthday party at MoDean's)
  • Paint It Gold by Fake Shark Real Zombie (outro)




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