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:For the character played by Mark Forward, see Coach. The Native Coach is a recurring character on Letterkenny in Seasons 7 and 8, portrayed by Brooker Muir.

His actual name has never been given, and he has never been addressed directly. He is known only as the coach of the Kerry County Eagles, the highly successful ice hockey team based at the Kerry County Arena on the Rez. It is not known whether he has been the coach for the duration of the series, or whether he joined the staff some time after the Irish played the Eagles (then known simply as the Native senior team) in The Native Flu in Season 2.


Few details are known about the coach. He is first seen approached by Tanis, who wants to make changes to the team to get her younger cousins interested in following the Eagles again and thus out of trouble. As the team is top-ranked and has a shot at the national championship, the coach declines to make any changes, prompting Tanis to challenge him to a game with the revived Letterkenny Irish. He accepts a bet that if her team wins, she will get a say in the Eagles management, and if his team wins, she will give him a blowjob (W's Talk, Baby). His team does win, but he declines his prize and offers instead to take Tanis on a proper date (In It To Win It).

The Eagles' roster is bolstered by the addition of many former Irish players, including stars Shoresy, Reilly, and Jonesy, and the coach succeeds in making them the all-Ontario champions, sending them to the national tournament. He is last seen in National Senior Hockey Championship as the team claims the national championship.


The coach has short hair and a thin mustache and beard. He is always seen wearing either team garb or a suit.


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