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Mrs. McMurray is a recurring character on Letterkenny, played by Melanie Scrofano.

"I'd hammer a cock suckin' gin and tonic, that's all I know." — Mrs. McMurray


McMurray and Mrs. McMurray are very demonstrative of their attraction to one another. They flirt constantly even during Ag Hall board meetings (A Fuss at the Ag Hall), and are prone to public displays of affection which disturb the Hicks and others (The Letterkenny Leave). For the Letterkenny Talent Show, they performed a highly sexualized act as Santa Claus and a young girl, which progressed to Santa spanking Mrs. McMurray and Wayne giving them the gong to end the act (Letterkenny Talent Show).

Mrs. McMurray enjoys drinking gin and tonics, and often comments offhand about wanting one (Uncle Eddie's Trust).

The McMurrays were introduced to "the lifestyle"—non-monogamy, or "swinging"—by their friend Juan Jorge when in the Dominican Republic, on one of their frequent trips to the Caribbean (The Letterkenny Leave). They try to recruit others to the lifestyle, but have thus far been unsuccessful. At one St. Patrick's Day festival, however, while the men were dealing with degens from upcountry, she and Katy enjoyed an encounter in the washroom (St. Perfect's Day).