MoDean's, in its various incarnations, is a primary setting of Letterkenny. Operated by Gail, it is the only bar in town and as such a popular spot for the Hicks and the hockey players. The Skids can be found there too from time to time—as can degens from upcountry, who inflict much damage on MoDean's II until Gail hires her cousin Bradley to serve as a bouncer ("Bradley Is a Killer").

Gail's establishments are fire-prone. The original MoDean's Roadhouse burned down under circumstances that are never explained, leaving Letterkenny without a bar. Gail opens a new establishment as MoDean's II, hiring Bonnie McMurray and Glen for waitstaff, and sees success for some time as a bar and performance venue, for instance hosting a standup act and a talent show ("Letterkenny Spelling Bee").

MoDean's II mysteriously burns down as well, and for a time the Hicks take their drinking to the Ukrainian Centre. Nevertheless, Gail persists and opens a third MoDean's, a more upscale establishment stylized MoD3an's.

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