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Marie-Frédérique, whom the Hicks and other townspeople call Marie-Fred for short, is a character on Letterkenny, portrayed by Magalie Lépine-Blondeau. She was introduced as a guest in seasons 5, was a recurring character in Seasons 6 and 7, and a main charcter in Season 8. She has since appeared in Seasons 9 and 10 as a guest.


Wayne traveled to Quebec for Anik's "boch et biche" party, along with a large contingent of Letterkenny townsfolk, to help defend it against degens from Laval. The old French man selling tickets at the door told Wayne he wanted to introduce his niece to him, as she had been unlucky in love; when Marie-Fred arrived later in the evening, she and Wayne fall in love at first sight (Bock et Biche).

They began a long-distance relationship, taking turns to drive to each other on the weekends, which landed Wayne in scraps with locals and landed Marie-Fred a number of speeding tickets. They also suffer indignities owing to prejudices the English Canadians have against the French and vice versa (What Could Be So Urgent?). Around the same time, Anik and Daryl begin dating, and she and Anik become frequent visitors to town, spending time with their sweethearts at the farm and working out together at the gym.

Anik eventually breaks up with Daryl. Wayne, meanwhile, is busy making financial arrangements—to buy a ring (Yew!). When Daryl heads to Quebec with the Ginger and Boots and Scottie Wallis to get her back—against their mantra of "once [s]he cheats, it's over"—and realizing he is likely to get his ass kicked, Wayne, Dan, and McMurray hurry over to back him up. In the ensuing donnybrook, Wayne throws one of the Quebecois through a door to reveal Marie-Fred kissing another man (In It To Win It). She leaves as Wayne beats the man to a pulp, but his heart has been broken, and he secludes himself in the sled shack watching old episodes of Miss Fire to cope (Miss Fire) (National Senior Hockey Championship). Wayne's American cousin, Jake, tried to cheer him up by taking him to a strip club, a trip he and McMurray had originally planned for Wayne's stag (The Rippers).

Throughout Season 8, Marie-Fred attempted to reach Wayne several times, but he always refused to take the call. He renewed his relationship with Rosie when she moved back to Letterkenny. She finally decides to drive over—not only to apologize, but to warn him about a party in Montreal she had attended in which she had seen Katy's then-boyfriend, Dierks, who was there with a different group. Dierks was showing people pictures of Katy and bragging about her "hotness," but arrived at and left the party with multiple girls. Wayne and truckloads of friends from Letterkenny soon arrive at Dierks' house, where Katy has caught him cheating red-handed, and deliver a terrific beatdown.

They remain at a distance thereafter, but Wayne is appreciative of Marie-Fred's role, and she meets up with him in the parking lot of MoDean's during Tanis's launch party (NDN NRG). She has come to ask for his help negotiating for a truck on sale locally, knowing that she is at a disadvantage as a Francophone. Wayne and McMurray, who loves to dicker, accompany her to the dealer, but in the end, Marie-Fred does not need their help. She records the rep making disparaging remarks about the French, and threatens to bring them to the French-speaking owner of the dealership, and the rep is suitably incentivized to close the deal (Dealership).



Marie-Fred first meets Wayne at Anik's "bock et biche"; when he sees her at the entrance, it is love at first sight (Bock et Biche). Despite the long distance, they carry on an active romance, becoming quite close.

Overall, Marie-Fred and Wayne appear to be very compatible, sharing a similar outlook on life and similar senses of humour. Marie-Fred gets along well with the other Hicks, and though she endures some indignities from some other locals when visiting, she is welcomed warmly by others, and happily takes part in local traditions like Century Club (Different Strokes for Different Folks). They also enjoy an enviable sex life (Bush Party Season). Although she is not yet aware, Wayne plans to propose to her (Yew!).

She makes frequent visits to Letterkenny during their engagement, but on an unannounced trip to Quebec, Wayne catches her cheating on him, red-handed, breaking his heart. He avoids contact with her for some time, but when she visits, he is grateful—because she has come to warn him that she has seen Katy's boyfriend, Dierks, being unfaithful and disrespectful to her (Day Beers Day). Wayne summons the gang to beat up Dierks, and in appreciation, he and (McMurray) help her negotiate the purchase of a truck on sale locally (Dealership).


Marie-Fred has presumably been friends with Anik for some time, as Anik was engaged to her brother Jean-Claude. They remain friends after Anik breaks up with Jean-Claude, who is never mentioned in their subsequent conversations, and they make trips to Letterkenny together after Anik begins dating Daryl. In Letterkenny, they spend time together at the farm and working out together at the gym, where they have very frank conversations about their sex lives (Bush Party Season).


Jean-Claude is protective of his sister Marie-Fred, but their relationship is complicated when Anik breaks up with him and Marie-Fred begins dating Wayne. Jean-Claude dislikes the English in general—disallowing Anik from inviting her English family to their later-canceled wedding—and is suspicious and resentful of Wayne (Bock et Biche). He and his cousin Jean-Lance try to undermine Wayne, for example, by accosting the couple at a restaurant and mocking his French pronunciation (What Could Be So Urgent?). Marie-Fred is impatient with this behaviour, but does nothing to stop it besides saying "Jean-Claude" in a scolding voice.



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