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This is a list of locations in the Letterkenny fictional universe.

The show, like its predecessor Letterkenny Problems', takes its name from the fictional town of Letterkenny, Ontario, based loosely on Jared Keeso's hometown of Listowel, Ontario. Most of the main locations are located in or near the town of Letterkenny, although characters make periodic excursions beyond to the Native reservation, to Quebec, and to "the city," which may be Waterloo/Kitchener or Toronto.

Main Settings[]

These locations are featured in a majority of episodes in a majority of seasons.



Locations featured in multiple episodes.


Locations featured or mentioned in only one or two episodes.

Off screen[]

Locations which are mentioned but have not been depicted.

  • Dicky Thomson Dairy
  • Jeff Davie Memorial Tournament in Harriston
  • Laval
  • the Legion (Rave)
  • Letterkenny MMA
  • the ostrich farm
  • St. Jacobs Farmers' Market
  • Sally Ann (Salvation Army thrift store)