This is a list of Letterkenny characters by affiliation

The Hicks Edit


See The Hicks

The Hockey PlayersEdit

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  • Reilly (Dylan Playfair)
  • Jonesy (Andrew Herr)
  • Shoresy (Jared Keeso)
  • Barts (Alex Spencer)
  • Betty-Anne (Kelly McCormack)
  • Boomtown (Jeff "Boomer" Phillips)
  • Fisky (Jordan Johnson-Hinds)
  • Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean (Max Bouffard)
  • Joint Boy (Joel Gagne)
  • Mary Anne (Jess Salgueiro

    Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne

  • Rookie (Daniel Lepage)
  • Sholtzy (Andrew Hinkson)
  • Teddy (Terry Ryan)
  • Tommy (Patrick Cook)
  • Tyson (Jay Bertin)
  • Yorkie (Stephen Huszar)




The SkidsEdit

Letterkenny 10

See The Skids

The Christians Edit

  • Pastor Glen (Jacob Tierney)
  • Ginny
  • Margaret (Kelly Lamb)
  • Mylo/Kennedy/Choirboy #1 (Kwest Shaganash), Levi/Cohen/Choirboy #2 (Skyler Shaganash), and Finn/Campbell (Nick Boegel)

The Ag Hall Edit


The Natives Edit

  • Tanis (Kaniehtiio Horn)
  • Axe (Bradley Trudeau)
  • Slash (Dylan Cook)
  • Dustin (Phoenix Wilson)
  • Shania (Ellyn Jade)
  • Native Coach (Brooker Muir)
  • Native Tough #1 (Joel Labelle)
  • Native Tough #2 (Adrian Persad)
  • Native Tough #3 (James Eddy)
  • "Big Native" (Gregory Fisher Odjig)
  • Ty Food (Asivak Koostachin)
  • Wally (Joseph Nakogee)
  • Young Native Boy - Grade 8 (Keenan Kokoko)
  • Zack Russell Terrier (Tanner Novlan)

Mo Dean's Edit


The Gym Rats Edit

  • Reilly (Dylan Playfair)
  • Jonesy (Andrew Herr)
  • Dax (Gregory Waters)
  • Ron (James Daly)
  • "Gym Girl 1" (Julia Ruberto)
  • "Gym Girl 2" (Lianne Desjardins)
  • Aly / "City Girl #1" (Sash Striga)
  • Bianca / "City Girl #3"(Nadine Bhabha)
  • Joint Boy (Joel Roger Gagne)
  • Tyson (Jay Bertin)

Quebecois Edit

  • Les Hiques
    • Jean-Guy (Sébastien Huberdeau)
    • Jean-Carl (Alexandre Landry)
    • Jean-Pierre (Domenic Di Rosa)
    • Anik (Kim Cloutier)
  • "Blue Plaid Kisser" (Patrick Girard)
  • Jean-Claude (Pierre-Yves Cardinal)
  • Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean (Max Bouffard)
  • Jean-Lance (François Macdonald)
  • Marie-Frédérique (Magalie Lépine Blondeau)
  • Old French Man (Jean-Raymond Châles)

The Degens Edit

  • Alistair Orson Westwood Yates (Wayne St. George)

    The "Degen All-Stars"

  • Jivin' Pete (Ian Ronningen)
  • Rat-ass (Derek Barnes)
  • Sled Ted (Jason Lee Bell)

The ClubEdit

Romantic / Sexual Interests Edit

  • Angie (Kalinka Petrie)
  • "Big City Slam #1" (Frankie Ovis), "Big City Slam #2" (Brooke Piette), "Big City Slam #3" (Ruby Gibson)
  • Dierks (Tyler Hynes)
  • Ellen (Lily Gao)
  • Kingsley (Craig Henry) and Shep (Franco Lo Presti)
  • Marie-Frédérique (Magalie Lépine-Blondeau)
  • Rosie (Clark Backo)
  • Shyla (Cara Gee) and Shania (Ellyn Jade / Jade Willoughby)
  • Troy Dauhmer - Angie's new beau (Spencer Maybee)
  • Wayne's matchmater dates: Kim - too hard (Kelly Boegel), Lisa - too soft (Kelsey Ruhl)

The MennonitesEdit


Miss FireEdit

  • Miss Fire (Melody A. Johnson)
  • General Public (Mark Wilson)
  • Private Sector (Colin Doyle)

Others Edit

  • Bob the Jehovah's Witness (Andrew Pimento)
  • Brodude Rep (Vanessa Matsui)
  • Canadian Pickers personalities: Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens as themselves
  • Chest Puffer (Justin Howell)
  • The citdiots: Bo (Joey Belfiore), Alf (Chase Cownden), Dirk (Jonathon LeRose)
  • The Donegal Hicks: Dwayne (Tommy Marshall), Cheryl (Dana Schiemann), and Stan (Josh Bainbridge)
  • Gae's mother (Kelly Boegel)

    The Ginger and Boots

  • The Ginger and Boots
  • Hard Right Jay (Jay Baruchel)

    The Brothers Bay

  • Jake, Wayne and Katy's American "cousint" (Jared Abrahamson)
  • Hudson Bay (Mark McMorris) and James Bay (Craig McMorris)
  • Katy's agent (Andrew Cheng)
  • Mia-Sophia (Julia Bertin)
  • MoDean's girls: Jessica - Jivin' Pete's daughter (Jaymee Weir), Hair Girl (Jazmin Paradis), Squeeze by Girl (Meriko Saito ), Big Eyes (Marie-Josee Dionne)
  • Nerd Girl (Ashley Tredenick)
  • Player #22 (Max Whitehead)
  • Sammy Sammich (Kevan Kase)
  • Samuel (Owen Ois)
  • Scottie Wallis as himself
  • Seth (Seth Gagnon)
  • Standup comedian (Gavin Crawford)
  • TSN personalities: Jay Onrait, Dan O'Toole, James Duthie, Darren Dreger, Jeff O'Neill, Bob McKenzie, Kate Beirness, Tessa Bonhomme as themselves
  • Tyla the stripper (Tianna Nori)
  • Venezuelans: Gabriel Campoverde, Phil Popp, Alexander Katt

Off screenEdit

These characters are mentioned, but have not been shown.

  • Aunt Marian, wife of Uncle Eddie
  • Barb, late wife of the Coach
  • Basic Jay
  • Brains
  • Garrett and Jarrett, Dan's second cousins
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