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The Letterkenny Shamrocks are a Junior B men's ice hockey team whose home ice is the Letterkenny Memorial Arena.

Reilly, Jonesy, and Shoresy played for the Letterkenny Shamrocks under the direction of the Coach. The team was not successful, racking up ten losses in a row at one point. In Jonesy's estimation Brooksy was their best player, but he was out for 4 to 6 weeks for treatment of a hernia (Wingman Wayne).

James and Hudson Bay, now playing in Europe, are the Shamrocks' all-time leaders in points, PIMs, and plus-minus, and heroes of not only the team, but the whole town. (Great Day for Thunder Bay)

Reilly and Jonesy at one point rattle off the other members of the team—to complain about their skills (Wingman Wayne). For the most part, however, Reilly and Jonesy's teammates besides Shoresy and the Rookie are not identified or interacted with. Several are seen accompanying them in line at Stewart's rave (Rave), to beat up the Skids (A Fuss in the Back Bush), and working as security at the St. Patrick's Day party (St. Perfect's Day), but they do not speak or have any other notable interactions. Some names and numbers are visible in views of the dressing room.

Reilly and Jonesy were cut from the Shamrocks in their over-age year and moved to play senior hockey with the Letterkenny Irish (A Fuss at the Ag Hall), followed not long thereafter by the Coach as well (Relationships).


  • Brooksy
  • Burnsy
  • Cartsy

    Hockey cards for the brothers Bay kept by Reilly and Jonesy

  • Cooper ("Coopsy") #23
  • Deetzy
  • James Bay #93
  • Jones ("Jonesy") #74
  • Millsy
  • Reilly #68
  • the Rookie (Daniel Lepage)
  • Schultz ("Schultzy") #44
    • the Letterkenny Irish player by this name is unlikely to be the same person given his age and unfamiliarity with Jonesy and Reilly
  • Shore ("Shoresy") #69
  • Smith ("Smitty")
  • Soupy