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The Letterkenny Irish Senior Hockey Club, more popularly known simply as the Letterkenny Irish, were a Senior A ice hockey team based at the Letterkenny Memorial Arena.

Reilly and Jonesy joined the Irish after they were cut from the Letterkenny Shamrocks in their overage year. In addition to them, there were at least ten other players on the team ("A Fuss at the Ag Hall").

Veterans Barts, Yorkie, Shultzy, Fisky, and Boomtown maintain a peculiar chemistry where each would speak in turn, and would only speak after his name was called by the previous player. They held Reilly and Jonesy in some contempt during their rookie season, but eventually, they came to respect them as top scorers and for rebuilding team unity after they had been divided competing for the affections of Angie. The Coach, called up from the Shamrocks, also brought in Shoresy, much to Reilly and Jonesy's dismay. Later, Reilly and Jonesy recruited Tyson and Joint Boy to join the team as enforcers.

Although Reilly and Jonesy led the league in goals—as well as PIMs—the team garnered a winless record ("Sled Shack") ("Bradley Is a Killer"). It folded shortly thereafter, as explained by the Coach, because there weren't enough bodies, because it was "Senior A whale shit hockey" ("The Ol' College Try").

Some time later, Tanis take up an interest in ice hockey as a means to keep her nephews out of trouble, and launches an effort to restart the Irish. She is able to bring the coach out of retirement and to recruit Reilly, Jonesy, Shoresy, Tyson, Joint Boy, Ron, and Dax to the cause. To their chagrin, however, Barts, Yorkie, Fisky, Scholtzy, and Boomtown were found to have joined the Native team, the Kerry County Eagles. The Irish are demolished in their exhibition match ("W's Talk, Baby") and presumably fold again, as all their players discover they qualify to play for the Native team as well ("Miss Fire").


  • Barts (Alex Spencer)
  • Boomtown #8 (Boomer Phillips)
  • Fisky (Jordan Johnson-Hinds)
  • Joint Boy #28 (Joel Gagne)
  • Jonesy #74 (Andrew Herr)
  • Reilly #68 (Dylan Playfair)
  • Shoresy #69 (Jared Keeso)
  • Sholtzy (Andrew Hinkson)
  • Tyson #9 (Jay Bertin)
  • Yorkie (Stephen Huszar)