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Jonathan Torrens is a Canadian actor, writer, and television personality. His involvement with Letterkenny covers actor, voice actor, and writer roles. He was the voice of radio personality "Commander Donnie" in Les Hiques, and plays the Mennonite patriarch Noah Dyck in Dyck's Slip Out, Holy Sheet, and Dyck Meat.

He is credited as writer of seven episodes—Les Hiques, Great Day for Thunder Bay, Bock et Biche, Dyck's Slip Out, Letterkenny vs Penny, W's Talk, Baby, and Holy Sheet—and with Jared Keeso as writer of Dyck Meat.

He may be best-known to Letterkenny fans and others, however, for his involvement with the mockumentary TV series Trailer Park Boys, with which Letterkenny is sometimes compared. He plays the recurring character J-Roc, a would-be rapper, who has appeared in 67 episodes as well as all the Trailer Park Boys movies. Torrens is also a writer for Trailer Park Boys, credited on 27 episodes.

Torrens began appearing on stage as early as Grade 1. He was one of the hosts of Street Cents, an International Emmy Award-winning youth-oriented consumer/sketch show, from 1989 to 1996. In 1996 he began hosting his own sketch show, Jonovision, for which he earned seven Gemini Award nominations.He has had recurring roles on a variety of other television programs, most recently Robert Cheeley on Mr. D and as Bob the commentator on Game On.