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The hockey arena, officially named the Letterkenny Memorial Arena and referred to as the Barn by hockey players, is a primary setting of Letterkenny. It has been home ice for at least three Letterkenny ice hockey teams: the Letterkenny Shamrocks, Letterkenny Irish, and Letterkenny Shamrockettes.

The facility has at least two ice rinks, and games of the various levels attract good crowds from the townsfolk; as Katy observes, "The fuck else am I going to do around here?" In the foyer can be found a trophy case and current team and player standings in the league.

Reilly and Jonesy are often shown in or immediately outside the dressing room for whichever team they are involved with, either in the changing area, the showers, or the toilets. They are rarely seen actually on the ice, whether for practice or for games, but are often featured on the bench when chirping the other team or talking about fans in the stands.

Behind the scenes[]

The arena shown in establishing shots is the Countryside Sports Complex (Complexe sportif Countryside), situated at the junction of Highway 17 and Highway 80 in Sudbury, Ontario. It was renamed the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex in 2008 in honor of Gerald McCrory, who founded the Big Nickel Major AAA International Hockey Tournament in 1979 and made it the most successful triple-A tournament in Canada. Several youth teams of the Sudbury Wolves, Sudbury Lady Wolves, and Copper Cliff Redmen play here. The same facility, shot from a different side, represents the arena at the Rez.

On-ice scenes have been filmed elsewhere in Greater Sudbury, at the Capreol Community Centre and Arena (Centre communautaire et aréna de Capreol). In September 2021, Greater Sudbury authorized a three-year lease of an ice pad to New Metric Media, presumably to be used for filming Letterkenny and Shoresy. Letterkenny had previously been renting the pad on a month-to-month basis (The Sudbury Star).