Glen is a recurring character on Letterkenny in Seasons 1 through 6. He is played by Jacob Tierney.

 Biography Edit

At the start of the series, Glen is an Evangelical preacher, pastor of the Grace Fellowship Church ("Rave") and director of the Burning Bush Youth Ministry ("Super Soft Birthday"). The show hints that he is gay on a number of occasions (most notably, in ("In It To Win It")), but never overtly mentions it. Glen's accent suggests he is originally from the American South, but his origin or early biography, like all characters, is not explored.

Glen's devotion to his religion is genuine, but he sometimes struggles to inspire others in the faith. He attempted to counsel Reilly and Jonesy when they became disillusioned with hockey, but in the end was only mystified by them ("Finding Stormy a Stud").

To make ends meet in Letterkenny, he takes side jobs "waitressing" at the Four Dancers Resto Bar east of town, as well as at the Super Scoops ice cream truck upcountry ("Relationships"). He "returns to waitressing" at MoDean's II when it opens, getting a makeover in the process so that Gail would have some "eye candy," and drawing the attention of Katy ("MoDeans 2").

After several years, his denomination, the Church of Spiritual Humanism (formerly the Church of Spiritual Humanism Science ("Never Work a Day in Your Life")), removes him from his role as pastor, citing budget cuts. He takes up street preaching in the parking lot of the dollar store to continue his ministry. He comes into conflict with the Skids, who want to use the parking lot to do rips on their bicycles, but they come to an agreement to share it.


When preaching, he most commonly dresses in a light short-sleeve button-down shirt, a dark narrow tie, and slacks. When out bicycling in warm weather, he wears short shorts.

He wears glasses; although Gail arranged for him to get LASIK when he started working at MoDean's II ("MoDeans 2"), part of an overall makeover, the surgery "didn't take" and he reverts later on ("The Letterkenny Leave").


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