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Gail is a main character on Letterkenny. She is played by Lisa Codrington.


Gail is the owner and bartender at MoDean's and its later incarnations, and the employer of Alexander and later Bonnie McMurray and Glen. She is friends with the Hicks and on good terms with most everyone in town. Little is known about her background or family, except that she is cousins with Bradley—and his second favourite cousin (Bradley Is a Killer)—and with Rosie, his first.

Gail is oversexed, frequently talking about sex and attraction, in exaggerated tones and with obscene gestures. She had sex with Wayne and Katy's Uncle Eddie when he was in his 90s (The Haunting of MoDean's II), and at Wayne's Christmas party, did an erotic dance with a portrait of him (The Three Wise Men). When Uncle Eddie left them $5,000, she proposed spending it on a matchmaking scheme for Wayne similar to The Bachelor, with a particular interest in his having sex with the three finalists (Uncle Eddie's Trust). For the Letterkenny Talent Show, she performed a monologue from Glad He Ate Her XXX, a pornographic film cited as her favorite movie (Letterkenny Talent Show).

After the original MoDean's burned down, Gail supported herself with dog breeding, and successfuly found a suitable stud for Wayne's German shepherd Stormy, owned by her cousin Rosie (Finding Stormy a Stud). She managed to re-open the bar at a new location, named MoDean's II, hiring on Bonnie and Glen as waitstaff. Although Jivin' Pete failed to follow through on his promises to assist her, the Hicks stepped in to make sure the opening was a success. At one became concerned that the location was haunted after a growler of Uncle Eddie's pig hoof hops ale seemed to have moved. She calls in the Hicks to help investigate, and after interviewing the town's usual suspects, discovers that Wayne himself had moved them as a prank (The Haunting of MoDean's II).

The bar proved too successful with degens from upcountry, leading her to bring on her cousin Bradley to work as a bouncer (Bradley Is a Killer). His presence proves enough to ward them off indefinitely, although he did end up fighing with the Hicks after they got ridiculously drunk and annoying, causing him to leave again. An argument between Jivin' Pete and Daryl resulted in a donnybrook in which the Hicks and other townsfolk successfully ejected the degens again, seemingly for good (Never Work a Day in Your Life). At Gail's birthday party, two months after the fight between Bradley and Wayne, the two reconcile, and Wayne and Rosie are reunited as well (Never Work a Day in Your Life).

Unfortunately, MoDean's II suffers the same fate as its predecessor, a development which drives Gail to take an extended vacation at a South American singles resort to "get her fill" (Hard Right Jay). In the meantime, she moves her operation to a space at the Ukrainian Centre, where Bonnie serves as bartender in her absence (Hard Right Jay).

Gail returns and opens a third incarnation, branded MoD3an's, which has proved far more fire-resistant than its predecessors. Bonnie and Glen continue to serve on staff, for instance, for example allowing Gail to particpate in the Century Club (Different Strokes for Different Folks). She remains dedicated to the establishment, however, for instance refusing to close down so long as the hockey team was still celebrating its national championship (The Rippers). She faces the greatest challenge to her business when a breastaurant opens in Letterkenny, but eventually, the townspeople return to her establishment (Breastaurant), and MoDean's later hosts the launch party for NDN NRG (NDN NRG).


A slender Black Canadian, she wears her hair closely cropped, and adorns her ears with long earrings. Her national origin is not stated, but she references the availability of her "Haitian taco" at a point. She usually dresses in a bright tank top and dark pants, and when at work at Modean's 2, she would wear a Modean's 2 employee badge.



Gail frequently makes known her physical attraction to Wayne, and willingness to have sexual relations with him (Wingman Wayne). Wayne does not reciprocate, but they remain platonic friends. Wayne steps in to assist Gail with the opening of MoDean's II when Jivin' Pete fails to make good on his promises (MoDeans 2), and is outraged when degens trash the place later (Bradley Is a Killer). Gail succeeds in finding a stud for Stormy, resulting in her cousin Rosie becoming involved with Wayne (Finding Stormy a Stud).

Uncle Eddie[]

Gail was sexually involved with Wayne and Katy's Uncle Eddie, even though he was in his 90s, and she took his death very hard. Wayne pranked Gail by moving Uncle Eddie's growler of pig hoof ale (The Haunting of MoDean's II), but made it up to her by presenting her with a framed photograph of Eddie as a Christmas gift (The Three Wise Men).