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Ferda is the fourth episode of Season 8 of Letterkenny.


The Hockey Players start a club for men. The skids go to the city.

Cold Open[]

You're having happy hour with your pals the other day… — Wayne

The Hicks do a shot outside the barn and as usual, tap the glass on the table twice afterwards. Dan thinks they should tap three times, like in wrestling. Wayne says he prefers throwing hands to wrestling, but admits to making a wee bit of time for sports entertainment, specifically, Mike "The Miz." Daryl asks if that is his favourite wrestler.

Well if you could name your favourite wrestler, I will assume you want to fuck them. — Wayne

Daryl says his favourite is Alexa Bliss, though he is also a well-documented Hulk Hogan fan. Dan's favourite is Trish Stratus, for a couple big reasons—her athleticism and integrity.

Wayne says he will not declare a favourite, for aforementioned reasons, but it would be Bret "The Hitman" Hart, as the whole Hart Foundation are good Canadian boys. Dan says he could never think of a good ring name for himself; Wayne and Daryl make some suggestions: Dan Dan Bigelow, Macho Dan, Farty Jannetty, and so on, and in a tag team, Daryl could be Shawn Michaels. Wayne scoffs at this, and they riff on other pro wrestler names until Wayne submits.

Like you know they're your good pals and everything, but they're also, well, at the best of times, a Randy Orton of Andre the Giant nutsacks. — Wayne

Plot Summary[]

Katy strolls through a skate park, attracting the attention of the bike stunters, skateboarders, and spectators gathered there. She only returns the gaze of one: a shirtless Dierks, who is doing tricks on a skateboard. Later, she is holding hands with Dierks riding the skateboard, trying to find her balance, their mutual attraction evident. She stands and smiles watching him as he skates away.

Reilly is at the bench press at the gym, being spotted by Jonesy, when they remember they need to begin work on the BROdude regional marketing initiative. Ron and Dax, observing, offer their own "brand," but Jonesy notes that they've had enough burning sensations for a lifetime. Ron and Dax are heading to a "super gay birthday party" — both the party and the dude are super gay — and Reilly and Jonesy are intrigued by a party without women: no holding their drinks, or waiting for them in the bathroom, and so on. Jonesy thinks this should be their marketing strategy—a club for just dudes, no broads. Reilly signs on to his vision.

BROdude Club Ferda! — Reilly and Jonesy

They fist bump excitedly and run off. Ron and Dax find the idea "gay."

Stewart is psyching himself up for the big fight in the mirror, and does not want to be interrupted by Roald. But, they are not alone in the basement, and Tyson and Joint Boy are eager to get on the road before rush hour. He tells them that he has betrayed his values as a pacifist during the training, and refuses to hit anyone. Rather, he has studied old tapes of Wrestlemania, and it will not be necessary to strike his opponent to finish him; he picks up Roald to demonstrate. This only irritates Tyson and Joint Boy, who remind him the dealer has threatened his life, and also that they are now going to hit rush hour.

Katy returns to the farm, and reports her trip to the States was "very cool, very nice," the way Dierks speaks, to Wayne's intense irritation. Daryl talks about his cow, who he refers to as "Cow"—

I know what they look like, I don't need to name them. — Daryl

The other Hicks say he should name them as a sign of respect, but Daryl says he does not want to get that close to something he's about to be milking. Wayne insists, and the group rattles off some suggestions for cow names: Calcium Klein, Milken Laumenn, Jack Blactose.

They name pigs, too: Kevin Bacon, Piggy Pop, the Notorious P.I.G., the Pig Lebowski, and so on. And ducks: Duck Norris, Duck Showalter, Uncle Duck, Feather Locklear, and the rest. Daryl suggests if they were all in a group, they should be the Mighty Ducks, but the others do not respond.

Reilly and Jonesy bring their proposal to the McMurrays. McMurray is already a member of the Kinsmen, Kingsmen, Kiwanis, and Comancheros Clubs, as well as the Legion. Mrs. McMurray is fond of sucking BROdudes, especially with vodka, and is mystified when told the club would be just for men.

You, youse lookin' to suck each other's dicks in this club or something? — Mrs. McMurray

Offended, she orders them out of her kitchen. McMurray tells them to look him up if they ever start a club with just girls.

Joint Boy, Stewart, Roald, and Tyson discuss strategy for the fight during a piss break. Tyson and Joint Boy tell him that UFC moves, not WWE moves, are the key to victory—like Chuck Liddell but dirty as hell, like Georges St. Pierre but pull his hair. Stewart accepts this, and thanks them for the training they have provided; Tyson says he is proud of Stewart, which brings him to tears, while he is still pissing. Joint Boy is concerned the compliment has backfired.

Skid's gonna skid, I guess. — Tyson

They agree to take out any "henchpersons" in the way, but to leave the big boss for Stewart. Stewart accepts their advice, as he will not let down a friend—if they can be called friends. They settle on "pals" for now.

The Hicks continue their conversation at the produce stand, Daryl firmly reiterating his stance against naming animals. After all, would they name rats? The Hicks riff on rat names: Rat Dennings, Ratt Williams, Emily Ratajkowski, on down to Rattie Labelle. Wayne points out that Daryl named the pony at his super soft birthday parties, and they bring up Pony Danza, Pony Hawk, and the others, before moving on to birds: Crow Pesci, Scarlett Crowhansson, G.I. Crow, Blue Jay Baruchel. Daryl proposes Robin Williams, but makes the group sad.

Having failed with the McMurrays, Reilly and Jonesy take their idea for a men's only club to Jim Dickens at MoDean's. He rattles off, in his auctioneering voice, the names of various women he has dates planned with; when it comes to dating apps, "it's no slim pickin's for Jim Dickins." The hockey players point out the things he would not have to do at BROdude Club Ferda, like paying for two bills, or holding your gal's purse, but this does not move Jim.

I love being on dates. Holding purses, holding doors, holding myself accountable, for all that I do. — Jim Dickens

They mutter about how hard it is, piquing Glen's interest. He, at least, is interested in joining the club.

At the club in the city, meanwhile, Stewart and his crew have arrived. They observe that Aly amd Bianca have taken jobs as bartenders there; the dealer cannot run them out if they are part of the establishment, and so have resumed their operation—but more subtlety is required than Joint Boy offers at first. Specifically, they are to use code words: replace the "p" in "piña colada" with the first letter of whichever drug they fancy, thus G-ña coladas for their signature green GHB, C-ña coladas for cocaine, and on and so forth. Joint Boy proposes having a bump, but Stewart will refrain so as not to be impaired when facing the dealer. Afterwards is another story.

The hockey players arrive at MoDean's to make a last attempt to promote BROdude Club Ferda. The Hicks sitting at the bar, are uninterested. Wayne says the idea is gay, scandalizing Dan, but he is being descriptive, not derogatory, about the proposed club; Wayne cannot fathom any other reason to exclude women except that they want to have sex with each other. They are interrupted by Ron, Dax, McMurray, Mrs. McMurray, and Jim Dickens, who are heading to their super gay birthday party. It will have women, Puppers, and Gus N' Bru, which sounds much more appealing than Jonesy and Reilly's plug. They conclude they will need to think of a new regional branding initiative.

Ferda. — Reilly and Jonesy

The dealer enters the club for his showdown. Tyson and Joint Boy take out his henchmen as planned, and even Roald pounces on one of them, gouging his eyes. The dealer strides up to Stewart and fells him with a single punch. To everyone's surprise, however, Stewart bounces back up immediately, and the fight proceeds as rehearsed; Stewart ably dodges the dealer's blows, then seizes him with a wrestling move and throws him to the ground. He rises, stripping off his shirt victoriously, and does a key bump as he is embraced by Aly and Bianca—and Roald.


  • Daryl: Who's your favourite, Dan? I'm listening.
    Dan: Trish Stratus.
    Daryl: For what reason? 'Cause she's Canadian?
    Dan: I can think of a couple big ol' reasons.
    Wayne: Like what?
    Dan: Well, her athleticisms and integrities.
  • Daryl: That was Stone Cold, Wayne.
    Dan: That was a wee bit Randy Savage, Wayne.
    Daryl: Not sure I like your Attitude Era.
    Wayne: You wanna know what? This conversation's starting to make me Wince McMahon.
    Dan: Who died and made you Mister Perfect?
    Daryl: Yeah, you're walking around here like the Big Boss Man sometimes.
    Wayne: I'm gonna come right out and say it. Youse are being a bit Rick Rude.
    Dan: Well, I can't speak for all mankinds, but I wish we could get a little bit more Dude Loves in here.
    Wayne: Well! I'm gonna head down to the bar to play some Jimmy Snooker.
    Dan: Not gonna become a Million Dollar Mans playing billiards.
    Wayne: This is really starting to sound like a whole lot of British bullshit to me.
    Daryl: Gettin' a little Rowdy Roddy Piper over there.
    Dan: Gettin' a little Rowdy Ronda Rousey.
    Daryl: Yeah, you oughtta be Koko B. Ware how tyou talk to people sometimes.
    Wayne: You wanna know what? You should might come at this from a different Kurt Angle. You're acting a bit Mean Gene. Puttin' on a Big Show. I can't Paul Bearer much more of this conversation, so I'll offer youse a Jeff Hardy handshake. and be on my fuckin' way.
  • Stewart: I thank ye local prizefighters for bestowing on me the pugilistic basics, the methods, the science…
    Tyson: It's not science. Just don't get hit.
    Stewart: (snorts) I won't get hit.
    Tyson: 'Kay.
  • Stewart: Throughout this journey, I have lost myself.
    Joint Boy: That's not really the end of the world, is it?
  • Stewart: I will not raise my fist to another man.
    Roald: Or woman, right?
  • Jonesy: We're just tired of gals telling us to hold their purse.
    Reilly: Yeah.
    McMurray: Hold their purse?
    Reilly: Yeah, or like, hold their drinks.
    Mrs. McMurray: Hold my drink.
    McMurray: It'd be a fucking honour to hold your drink, baby.
  • Mrs. McMurray: Every party needs three things. Booze. Ice. And women. And since you two seem to have none of the three, sounds like the shittiest club I ever heard of, right? So beat it. And take your cans of boy juice and shove 'em up your bleached assholes.
    McMurray: Now, youse boys ever wanna start a club full of ladies, you give me a call now, okay? That's my kinda fuckin' party.
  • Stewart: I shan't let you down, because I refuse to let down a friend.… 'Cause, I mean, we are friends, right?
    Tyson: You got rips?
    Roald: (hands a pocketful to Tyson)
    Tyson: Buddies.
    Joint Boy: Let's call it pals for now.
  • Daryl: I'm still not having any of this naming of barn animals. Why do we have to go anthropomorphizing them?
    Wayne: So, you can just toss out a Reach For the Top word like that, yet your first meal of the day today was…
    Daryl: Brefakst.
    Wayne: Outstanding.
  • Daryl: Why don't yous go back to whatever Boy Luck Club you came from.
  • Wayne: What say I see a male dick penetrating a male butt, consensually, for pleasures sake. Certainly I can say… That's pretty gay.

Callbacks and Running Gags[]

Cultural References[]

  • Reach for the Top was an academic quiz competition for high school students that aired on CBC. It remains in production, distributed on YouTube. Alex Trebek, longtime host of Jeopardy!, was an early host of Reach for the Top in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Professional wrestling personalities: Mike "The Miz," Alexa Bliss, Hulk Hogan, Trish Stratus, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, the Hart Foundation, Bam Bam Bigelow ("Dan Dan Bigelow"), Macho Man Randy Savage ("Macho Dan"), Marty Jannetty ("Farty Jannetty"), Shawn Michaels ("Yawn Michaels"), Curt "Mister Perfect" Hennig, Big Boss Man, Vince McMahon ("Wince McMahon"), Rick Rude, Mick "Dude Love" Foley, Jimmy Snuka ("Jimmy Snooker"), "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith ("British Bullshit"), Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ronda Rousey, Koko B. Ware, Kurt Angle, "Mean Gene" Okerlund, Big Show, Paul Bearer (manager of The Undertaker), Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, and Andre the Giant.
  • Sweet Chin Music is a wrestling move performed by Shawn Michaels in which he runs towards his opponent and kicks him in the chin.
  • "Attitude Era" refers to the "WWF Attitude" era for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE) from 1997 to 2002, particularly their Monday Night Raw broadcasts, which competed directly with World Championship Wrestling's (WCW) Monday Nitro. Programming from the era featured an increased level of violence, profanity, and sexual content.
  • Cow names
    • Fashion designer Calvin Klein ("Calcium Klein"),
    • Olympic rower Silken Laumann ("Milken Laumann")
    • Actor and comedian Jack Black ("Jack Blacktose")
  • Pig names
    • Actor Kevin Bacon.
    • Punk rock artist Iggy Pop ("Piggy Pop")
    • Hip-hop artist The Notorious B.I.G., aka Biggie Smalls ("The Notorious P.I.G.")
    • 1998 film The Big Lebowski ("The Pig Lebowski")
    • Actor Jon Hamm
    • Model and actress Pamela Anderson ("Hamela Anderson")
    • U.S. politician Beto O'Rourke ("Beto O'Pork")
    • Actor Sam Rockwell ("Ham Rockwell")
    • Hard rock artist Sammy Hagar ("Hammy Hagar")
    • R&B artist Ginuwine ("Ginu-swine")
    • Actress and musucian Parker Posey ("Porker Posey")
    • Director Jason Moore ("Jason Boar")
  • Duck names
    • Actor and martial artist Chuck Norris ("Duck Norris")
    • Major League Baseball manager Buck Showalter ("Duck Showalter")
    • 1989 film Uncle Buck ("Uncle Duck")
    • Actress Heather Locklear ("Feather Locklear")
    • U.S. President Bill Clinton ("Duckbill Clinton")
    • Saved by the Bell character Zack Morris ("Quack Morris")
    • Actor Jack Nicholson ("Quack Nicholson")
    • Actress Catherine Zeta-Zones ("Quackrine Zeta Jones")
    • Rock artists Nickelback ("Nickelquack")
    • 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road ("Mad Quacks: Fury Road")
    • 2018 film BlacKkKlansman ("Quack Klansmen")
    • 1992 film The Mighty Ducks, also the name of the Anaheim NHL team 1993 to 2005
  • Chuck Liddell and Georges St-Pierre are prominent mixed-martial artists
  • Rat names
    • Actress Kat Dennings ("Rat Dennings")
    • Baseball player Matt Williams ("Ratt Williams")
    • Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski
    • Actor Matt Damon ("Ratt Damon")
    • Actor Matt Dillon ("Ratt Dillon")
    • Actor Matt Leblanc ("Ratt Leblanc")
    • Dr. Seuss book and character "The Cati in the Hat" ("Rat in the Hat")
    • Rock artist Pat Benetar ("Rat Benetar")
    • R&B, soul, and disco artist Patti LaBelle ("Ratti Labelle")
  • Pony names
    • Actor Tony Danza ("Pony Danza")
    • Skateboarder Tony Hawk ("Pony Hawk")
    • NFL quarterback Tony Romo ("Pony Romo")
    • Disco group Boney M. ("Poney M.")
    • Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell ("Poni Mitchell")
    • Actor Tony Curtis ("Pony Curtis")
    • Singer Tony Bennett ("Pony Bennett")
  • Bird names
    • Actor Joe Pesci ("Crow Pesci")
    • Actress Scarlett Johansson ("Scarlett Crowhansson")
    • Hasbro toy line G.I. Joe ("G.I. Crow")
    • Comedian and actor Jay Baruchel ("Blue Jay Baruchel")
    • Cheers and Frasier character Frasier Crane
    • Actor and martial artist Steven Seagal ("Steven Seagull")
    • Comedian and actor Robin Williams
  • Boy Luck Club is a reference to the 1989 Amy Tan novel The Joy Luck Club


According to Tunefind, the following songs are featured on this episode:

  • Blessa by Toro Y Moi (Katy at the skatepark)
  • Barrel Roll by CakeDrop, Adam Ahuja (Ferda talk at the gym)
  • Hippie by Paint Fumes
  • Alignment by Polaris (Stewart’s a pacifist)
  • Okay Okay by Girlfriend Material
  • Medusa by Sun Sun ("coladas" conversation)
  • 1-2-3-4 All the Ladys On the Floor (Euro Version) by No Sukkaz (fight at the club)




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