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The dollar store, officially Donovan Variety, is a recurring setting of Letterkenny. Wayne, Katy, the McMurrays, and Reilly and Jonesy have all seen there from time to time as customers, but most of the activity there actually takes place in the parking lot.

Bonnie McMurray works as a clerk here initially, giving Wayne ice without charging for it to flirt with him ("Rave"). She is put off by the Skids, who like to use the parking lot to breakdance—not because of the dancing, but because they "crop-dusted" (spread flatulence around a room) inside ("The Election"). She continues to be seen there after she takes a waitressing job at MoDean's II, and may have kept both jobs.

The Skids use the parking lot not only to dance, but to do bicycle rips. This brings them into competition with Glen, who after being removed as pastor of his church, decides to take up street preaching, and wants to use the lot to give revelations. They both try to recruit Reilly and Jonesy, but the hockey players only want to do reps. As the argument devolves, Bonnie calls the police ("Never Work a Day in Your Life").

The rivalry continues later, and when asked what Jesus would do, Glen responds that Jesus would show empathy, acceptance, and grace. Stewart offers to swap roles for a day in that spirit, even adopting each other's wardrobes. They agree to share the dollar store parking lot ("Way to a Man's Heart").

Behind the scenes[]

Donovan Variety is an actual convenience store in "The Donovan," a district of Subury, Ontario (Google Street View). On the other side of the parking lot is the Frood Hotel, which served as the original MoDean's. Across the street is A Healing Touch Massage, which was used for the Letterkenny Walk-in Clinic in the episode "Rave."