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Dierks is a recurring character in Season 8 and Season 9 of Letterkenny. He is played by Tyler Hynes.


Dierks, also known as "Long-Dick Dierks," resides in Michigan across the border from Canada. He is a friend of Wayne's American cousin Jake and is also known by McMurray. Dierks meets Wayne and the other Hicks at the eponymous strip club in "The Rippers," where he had helped Jake plan Wayne's aborted bachelor party when Wayne was set to marry Marie-Fred. He almost immediately gets under Wayne's skin with his solicitous nature, which includes many questions about Wayne's preferences in women along with way too much information about his own turn-ons. Wayne avoids getting into a fight out of hopes he'll never see Dierks again, but fate has other plans when Katy, who matches Dierks' description of the ideal woman, enters the club and locks eyes with Dierks in a moment of instant chemistry ("The Rippers").

Katy visits Dierks at a skate park shortly thereafter and is impressed with his moves. They have fun goofing around, with Dierks pushing her as she sits down on his skateboard and the like ("Ferda"). Soon, Katy and Dierks officially begin dating, causing Wayne no small amount of consternation ("Yard Sale Saturday"). Although everyone else suggests that Wayne is put off by Dierks because he first met him at a strip club, they also acknowledge that "a first impression is a lasting one." Dierks charms many at the yard sales with his smooth talk and skilled dickering, and even arranges for the guys from Canadian Pickers to visit the produce stand, which prompts Wayne to clear the air — he accepts Katy is an adult who can make her own decisions, but Dierks had better treat her right or risk the wrath of every man in Letterkenny. Dierks lamely attempts to demonstrate he's not afraid of Wayne with a bad joke that ends with him holding up his fists, prompting a disgusted Wayne to order Dierks out of his house ("Yard Sale Saturday").

In "Holy Sheet," Dierks is at MoDean's and has some confusing flirtation with a woman at the bar, prompting possible veiled criticism from Gail, who claims she is actually talking about other customers in her line of sight. Katy arrives and lets Dierks know she's okay with flirting, and that she herself was seeing other people until recently, but now wants the two of them to be exclusive — and repeats Wayne's earlier warning about what will happen if he cheats. Dierks agrees, and the episode ends with the two of them slow-dancing at MoDean's.

At this point, Wayne has had it with Dierks and lets him know it, but he can't throw down on Dierks because technically, Dierks hasn't done anything wrong other than be annoying ("Day Beers Day"). Dierks taunts Wayne by saying everyone else in Letterkenny likes him, but throughout the episode, other characters admit they are starting to find him irritating, and Katy's exes (Reilly, Jonesy, Stewart and by proxy Roald, who echoes Stewart's opinions) are all put off when they find out about Dierks and spend most of Day Beers Day complaining about him and "Yanks" in general.

Dierks then leaves town for his nephew's bachelor party and Katy is heading off to surprise him at his house when he gets back. Wayne is paid a surprise visit by Marie-Fred, who informs him that she was at the bachelor party and Dierks arrived and left with several girls, even as he was showing a picture of Katy on his phone and bragging about his girlfriend's hotness. This sets off a chain reaction that ends with Katy catching Dierks with a girl outside his house, and a busted Dierks catching sight of several pickup trucks full of every regular character pulling up to his house and rushing towards him to avenge Katy's honor in a donnybrook of epic proportions.

In the Season 9 finale NDN NRG, he is seen being given the Senior Hockey Championship trophy by the BroDude reps, much to the chagrin of Reilly and Jonesy. He then spots Anik from across the bar and winks at her, implying they are now dating.