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Dierks is a recurring character in Season 8, Season 9, and Season 10 of Letterkenny. He is played by Tyler Hynes.


Dierks, also known as "Long-Dick Dierks" (and whose apparent last name is revealed in Season 10 to be "Rensburg-van-Koeverdan"), resides in Michigan across the border from Canada. He is a friend of Wayne's American cousin Jake and was also apparently acquainted with McMurray prior to being introduced on the show. Wayne and the other Hicks are introduced to Dierks at the "Snappers" strip club, where he had helped Jake plan Wayne's aborted bachelor party when he was engaged to Marie-Fred. He almost immediately gets under Wayne's skin with his excessively charming and phony "cool" demeanor, as well as his questions about Wayne's personal preferences in women and openness about his own turn-ons. Wayne avoids getting into a fight in the hopes that he'd never see Dierks again, but fate had other plans when Katy, who matches Dierks' description of the ideal woman, enters the club and locks eyes with Dierks in a moment of instant chemistry. (The Rippers)

Katy visits Dierks at a skate park shortly thereafter and is impressed with his moves (Ferda). They begin dating, to Wayne's chagrin, though his friends suggest that Wayne is put off by Dierks because their initial encounter was at a strip club and "a first impression is a lasting one." Dierks charms many at the yard sales with his smooth talk and negotiating skills, and even arranges for the stars of Canadian Pickers to visit the produce stand. This prompts Wayne to clear the air — he accepts Katy is an adult who can make her own decisions, but Dierks had better treat her right or risk the wrath of every man in Letterkenny. (Yard Sale Saturday)

Katy meets Dierks at MoDean's and makes it known that she's interested in being exclusive with him — whilst reiterating Wayne's earlier warning about what will happen if he cheats. Dierks agrees and they presumably begin their exclusive relationship. (Holy Sheet)

Wayne continues to despise and intimidate Dierks, telling him he's eagerly waiting for a reason to fight him. The other Hicks begin to support Wayne's stance on principle due to being his friend, Reilly and Jonesy announce their willingness to beat up Dierks if he steps out of line with Katy, and Stewart and Roald voice their support as well. (Day Beers Day)

Dierks leaves town for his nephew's bachelor party and Katy heads off to surprise him at his house when he gets back. Wayne is paid a surprise visit by Marie-Fred, who has been trying to call him, but Wayne has been ignoring her calls due to their breakup following her cheating on him. Marie-Fred informs Wayne that she's been trying to reach him to tell him that she was at the bachelor party, where she saw Dierks arrive and leave with several girls, even as he was passing around a picture of his girlfriend Katy on his phone and bragging about her hotness. (Day Beers Day)

Wayne delivers the news of Dierks' infidelity to all his friends at the Day Beers Day gathering, and everyone immediately gears up to pay Dierks a visit. Katy pulls up to Dierks' house and catches him with a girl, just as the Hicks, Skids, Reilly, Jonesy, Rosie, Gail, and all three McMurrays are all rushing up Dierks' laneway to avenge Katy's honor. (Day Beers Day)

Some time later, at the NDN NRG launch party, Anik announces that she's dating Dierks. The BroDude reps also choose to give Dierks the sponsorship they took away from Reilly and Jonesy (NDN NRG). While Wayne deals with Marie-Fred outside, Dierks confronts the Hicks while introducing his backup muscle in the form of his cousins, three of the men from the Diner Dispute in American Buck and Doe (while also revealing that all their last names, as well as Dierks' own last name, is "Rensburg-van Koeverdan"). Anik protests saying Dierks had promised this confrontation wouldn't get ugly, to which he responds, "If you want to date a bad boy, you can't get upset when he does bad boy things." Anik then dumps him immediately, signified by her joining the Hicks at the bar. (King of Suckers)

The Hicks manage to delay the fight until Wayne returns. As they fight, Dierks tries to make an escape, first heading to the kitchen, where he is blocked by Stewart and Roald, and then heads toward the front door. Wayne catches him and drags him to Katy's feet, where he proceeds to beat him. (King of Suckers)