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Daryl, often called Darry by his close friends, is one of the main characters on Letterkenny. He is played by Nathan Dales, in a continuation of the persona developed for Letterkenny Problems.


Daryl is a childhood friend of Wayne and Katy, and often spends time with them and Squirrely Dan at the farm and their other haunts in Letterkenny and beyond.

Daryl is socially unrefined in some ways. He licks his lips after making a snot rocket, to Wayne's disgust (MoDeans 2), and is also known to wear his barn cothes to MoDean's (Ain't No Reason to Get Excited). He drives a decrepit van that Wayne is dismissive of (Fartbook). He is relatively taciturn, and speaks in a monotone, and mispronounces words like basket. Nevertheless, he is shown to be quick-witted and intellectually curious, with a large vocabulary he can hurl at verbal opponents.

It is implied that Daryl was somewhat spoiled as a child, notable with his "super soft" parties with a horse costumed as a unicorn and cupcake decorating as an activity. Wayne and Katy, who were denied such parties of their own, maintain the tradition, to Daryl's dismay (Super Soft Birthday) (Super Hard Easter).

Daryl likes beer, usually Puppers, smokes cigarettes and loves yoghurt, bringing his own from home to eat at Wayne and Katy's (Ain't No Reason to Get Excited).


Daryl wears his wavy hair shaggy, and has a light neckbeard. His facial hair is patchier, and Wayne and Dan tease him about being unable to grow a beard, which he denies. He is most often dressed in his barn clothes— blue coveralls with the logo of Dicky Thomson Dairy, which presumably is another nearby farm where he is employed. In winter, he wears a gray Dicky Thomson Dairy toque and insulated work clothes, and a blue HJC jacket for sledding.



Wayne is Daryl's best friend from childhood, sharing adventures like hucking eggs at a truck with a Confederate flag. They bicker at times, as old friends do, notably over Halloween, with Daryl accusing Wayne of "big timing" the town with his full-sized candy bars, and Wayne accusing Daryl of "back dooring" trick-or-treaters with his quarter-sized candy bars (The Haunting of MoDean's II). Nevertheless, Daryl is arguably Wayne's best friend outside his family, and they are found in each other's company as often as not.


Unlike Dan, Daryl has not expressed any romantic or sexual interest in Katy, having grown up with her he sees her more like sister and they are also shown to have a sibling like relationship. Simultaneously bugging each with deep love. Katy does get impatient with him, as with the other male Hicks, and tends to scold him over his more uncouth personal habits. She also hates when he gets extremely drunk and rubs his nipples against people (Bradley Is a Killer).

Like Wayne, Katy is a childhood friend. She organizes his "super soft" birthday party every year (Super Soft Birthday), and took him to the clinic when he had been bitten by a possum (Rave). Katy also teases him about getting boners during O Canada in grade 9, though he points out that given enough time, young men will inevitably get a boner (Super Soft Birthday).

Squirrely Dan[]

Dan is Daryl's other close friend, and they are often seen together when Wayne is otherwise occupied. They enjoy one-on-one conversations about more degenerate behaviour that Wayne or Katy might not appreciate, such as hoovering schneef, or how often they mix a batch (Never Work a Day in Your Life).

Bonnie McMurray[]

Daryl is "sweet on" Bonnie McMurray, setting up a rivalry with Dan and Katy (Rave) (Back to Back to Back). Bonnie does not return the affection, and often seems scarcely aware of his existence, but neither does she begin dating the others, and eventually becomes a friend to the Hicks. Daryl confides to Katy some time later that he is still sweet on her, and finally works up the courage to ask her out (Sleepover).

The French[]

For a long time, Daryl harbours a resentment of French Canadians. He does not speak French and does not understand what they are saying half the time, and he is not good-looking enough to attract French women based on his looks alone, while English gals will always prefer a French dude over him.

This comes to a head when they encounter Jean-Guy and his crew while fishing in Quebec. After "Les Hiques" back them up to fight off degens, however, Daryl regrets his earlier hostility, declaring that he loves Quebec. He is thrilled especially when Anik tells him most everyone in Quebec speaks English, and that she finds him very attractive, later blossoming into a short-lived but torrid relationship.


Daryl failed to pursue Anik when they first met, but when she unexpectedly broke off her engagement at her own "Bock et Biche," he did not repeat the mistake. They have a torrid affair, to the point where he confides in Wayne ("just between us girls") that he has never had so much sex in his life. Despite this, he remains deeply insecure and jealous, especially after he realized that the whole town seemed to be following her racy Instagram account. She starts to ignore his incessant text messages, and finally drove to town to break up with him in person, saying she was getting back with Jean-Claude (Yew!). Later, she also tells him and Katy in person that she has begun dating Katy's ex-boyfriend, Dierks (NDN NRG).


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→ See 173 images of Daryl at Images of Daryl.