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Articles about the "Skids," a group of social misfits in Letterkenny. Their leader is Stewart, accompanied by Devon, and then Roald. Gae inspired them to become Freaks Acting Krazy United (F.A.K.U.) for a time, though she later returned to the big city. The other Skids, Darien and Connor, never speak, but are frequently seen in the background.

The Skids' appearance is influenced by emo and goth/cybergoth culture, with their dark clothes, black makeup, bulky jewelry, pale skin, and expressions of hatred of mainstream society. This is an arguably affectation rather than a wholesale adoption of goth culture; for example, Stewart's tastes run to electronic dance music rather than goth rock, and the group spends much of its free time listening to music, dancing in the dollar store parking lot or playing classic console video games, representing other kinds of outcasts in the small farming community.

The Skids spent most of their time, however, making, selling, and using drugs in their basement, notably meth. Stewart once tried to drop their involvement in the business to pursue DJing, but disillusioned by the failture of his rave, set out instead to make Letterkenny the "biggest meth town in the country" (Rave).

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