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Choster Choster 17 December 2018

Season 3 and 4 on Hulu

As announced on the Letterkenny Problems Facebook page on December 17, Hulu has acquired streaming rights for seasons 3–6 of Letterkenny in the United States. Seasons will be available on Hulu on December 27, 2018. No announcement has been made as to when seasons 5 and 6 will become available. Season 6 is set to debut in Canada on Crave on Devember 25, 2018.

Hulu began streaming seasons 1 and 2 in the U.S. in July 2018. U.S. fans can also order individual seasons or the Season 1-5 Collection on DVD, which includes the episodes of all five seasons plus the St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and Easter holiday specials.

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