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Angie is a recurring character on Letterkenny, and Wayne's ex-girlfriend from prior to the start of the show. While referenced throughout the show, she appears only in Seasons 2-4, and not again until Season 9. She is played by Kalinka Petrie.


At the start of the series, Angie and Wayne have just broken up after five years of dating, starting in high school. It is also revealed that she cheated on him. It's implied she did not like fighting, leading Wayne to stop fighting. Wayne resumed his fighting career after their breakup as a result of Angie's new beau's boorish behavior (Ain't No Reason to Get Excited).

She was working as a bartender at MoDean's (Wingman Wayne), but left town for a time after her and Wayne's breakup (Puck Bunny). She returned after Wayne's matchmaker said she would be "just right" for him (Relationships). While nothing came of it initially, she came to want Wayne again, arriving at the farm just as Gail's cousin Rosie arrived with a dog to breed with Stormy, Wayne's German shepherd (Finding Stormy a Stud).

Wayne declined, and Angie turned her attention of the Letterkenny Irish hockey team, with Barts, Sholtzy, Yorkie, Fisky, and Boomtown all competing for her affection. With team unity destroyed, Reilly and Jonesy ask Katy to intervene, and Katy convinces Angie to move on by kicking her in the crotch (Puck Bunny).

She is present at the Letterkenny Talent Show (Letterkenny Talent Show). Later, she accompanies Letterkenny celebrities James and Hudson Bay, with the strong implication that she had sex with them (Great Day for Thunder Bay).

Angie would later return to Letterkenny after having spent several years in the United Kingdom. With a thick British accent, she asked if Modean's would accept Euros, which prompted Wayne and the Hicks to yell "Get your finger out of your ass!" at her (Breastaurant).