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The Ag Hall, officially the Letterkenny Agricultural Hall, is a setting of Letterkenny.

The Ag Hall is operated by the Letterkenny Agricultural Society, and hosting events there is a major source of income for the society. It is the largest such venue in town, hosting events that cannot be accommodated by the Legion or the youth center (Rave).

McMurray with the gavel

The hall is governed by a board of directors of which McMurray is president, although Wayne, at the behest of Jim Dickens, served for a short stint (The Election).

Meeting of the Ag Hall board

They were known to host an annual music jamboree, although that was canceled one year when Stewart rented out the facility for an entire week to prepare and run a rave (Rave). The Ag Hall is also the venue for the annual Letterkenny St. Patrick's Day Festival, one of the best-known such events in the province (St. Perfect's Day).

Behind the scenes[]

The Ag Hall is represented by the Dr. Edgar Leclair Community Centre and Arena, a community hall and ice rink. The Leclair Centre is situated in the community of Azilda, in Greater Sudbury approximately 13 km from downtown Sudbury.